The Sun Shines Bright on Me and My Shadow Invitational – Results and Pics!

Some of the best weather of the year welcomed players from all over the Northwest for the 2014 Me and My Shadow Invitational at Shadow Hills.  This is one of our biggest events, and an incredible time was had by all.
While the temperatures soared, the scores dipped into well below par (for some), with some first-time winners, as well as a couple of perennial favorites topping the leaderboard!


Friday night “Horse Race Honors” went to Cody and Amy Pinkston. But, when the final scores were reported for the overall event, Don Flores and Bev Handshumaker claimed the Net Championship, with field favorites, Tricia and Rob Johnson winning the Overall Low Gross title.

Camping, great food, festivities and dancing make this one of the most popular events of the year!




Our Pro Gary Davis post first day results



Amy and Cody Pinkston – Horse Race Winners!

shadowfireside shadowfireside2 shadow-fun shadowfun2 shadow-morgans


shadowcamping shadowcamping2Rumor has it, that lots of the fun at the Me and My Shadow Invitational happens at the campsites after hours! We are already looking forward to next year!


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