Family Tees are Installed- Making Golf More Fun for All Levels!


If you have played recently (and your drives are in the middle of the fairway), you may have noticed a couple of sets of permanent markers for each hole, designating an area for “Family Tees.”  Each marker designates an alternative teeing area for members of the family (young and old) who are just learning the game, and don’t drive long enough to play regular tees.

Kids, and beginning adults alike will benefit from the opportunity to shorten the holes a bit, and enjoy scores that aren’t always in the triple digits.  These alternative tees help build confidence in new golfers, and add to the fun for multi-generational/multi-skill level players who are playing together.

Gary reports that we are working on getting the tees certified by OGA, to be able to actually handicap rounds from these new tees. It’s a great way to bring all members of our friends and family into a competitive, level playing field!

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3 responses to “Family Tees are Installed- Making Golf More Fun for All Levels!”

  1. Marilyn Richardson says :

    As a Senior lady (69 yrs old) I do not hit the ball as far anymore. The Senior men moved up and I believe the Senior women would enjoy the same privilege plus young junior golfers.

  2. Corey Unfried says :

    Very Cool for our Club!

  3. Betsy Ovitt says :

    I can hardly wait to play from the golds and actually reach par 4’s in regulation


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