“Life is short….So play from the Black Tees” – Annika Day at Shadow Hills


Annika Sorenstam played with the PGA “boys” in 2013 and tried to qualify for the weekend at Colonial Country Club. While she didn’t make the cut, it was quite a feat for her to play from so far back. So Susie Piper began to wonder what it would be like to play from the Black Tees at Shadow Hills.

Our first Annika Day had 11 women crazy enough to tee it up from the Tips. Since then this event has grown to a maximum of 28 players. Besides Susie, there are 3 other women who have never missed playing this event. They are Phyllis Brown, Linda Robertson and Addie Vandehey. Are they brave, crazy or just like to laugh at themselves?

Here are a few highlights about prior winners:

~Mary Budke won the inaugural event and two more times after that. She shot an 80 one year.
~Shannon Roulliard is the only woman to break 80 from the Black Tees. She shot 79.
~Carolyn Townsend has the most wins. She won Low Gross twice and Low Net twice.
~In memory of Gloria Olsen, she was our 2005 Low Net winner.
~The 2014 winners were Carla Glasgow-Low Gross and Betsy Ovitt-Low Net.

We truly appreciate all the support and encouragement we receive from Gary Davis (Pro Shop), Randy Marshall (course set up), Tony Butler (pictures) and all the staff at Shadow Hills. They help make this day fun, easy and exciting.

And remember, Life is short, so play from the Black Tees. Annika did, and see what she started?


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