Shadow Hills Women “Four-Pete” Valley League Title!

Shadow Hills women have won their 4th consecutive Valley League title! There is no doubt that this amazing group of golfers has proven to be a force to be reckoned with! CONGRATS to the team members from All Of Us at Shadow Hills! You make us proud!
Pictured are members of the team who participated in our final round at Spring Hill on August 11. In the front row are Susie Piper (team captain), Vanvilay Cox, Brie Stone and Tricia Johnson.
In the back row are Susan Palmer, Carolyn Townsend, Leilani Norman and Cindy Anderson (co-captain).

Other women who participated as part of our team in 2014 were Nancy Moore. Betsy Ovitt,
Linda Robertson, Suzi Wiley and Diane Wilson.
Valley League is an annual event between the women of 6 Willamette Valley clubs.  Teams play
each other in a round robin format based on gross and net scores.  Five rounds are played each year
and each team fields a team of the 8 women with the lowest handicaps available for each round.
Final Results for 2014:
Shadow Hills 406 points
Corvallis  380.5
Illahe Hills 380
Eugene   349.5
Springfield 333
Spring Hill  311

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