What Shadow Hills Means to You- A Contest for Guest Passes


The membership committee is beginning a new contest that could turn into a reward for you, as well as help us tell our story to potential members. We want you to tell us why membership at Shadow Hills Country Club is something they should consider!

We are far more than just a golf club. We are a community of friends and family who see Shadow Hills as a second home, as well as our “In-Town Resort” for relaxation, fun, and social entertainment.

Is it the year-round course playability? Is it the welcoming atmosphere for all skill levels of golfers? Is Shadow Hills now one of your “go-to” selections to celebrate a family event? Do your Sunday mornings start with a breakfast at Shadow Hills? Let us know!

Tell us in a few words, what makes Shadow Hills Country Club important to you! We will be using selected comments on the Membership Section of our web site, and perhaps in newspaper ads for the upcoming season. We will be rewarding the “winning” entries with Guest Passes!

SEND YOUR entries to shadowhillsextra@gmail.com

We want the whole region to know what makes us special. Help us tell that story. This is a great way to remind others, as well as yourself, why membership at Shadow Hills Country Club has value in your life!

The contest is open to all members, Social or Golf.

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