Board Election Profiles

The election for three new Board Members is underway, and continues through the Annual Meeting October 17th. You should have your ballots, which were mailed to all voting members. If you did not receive yours, contact Corrie or Dave Shelton.

Mail ballots back with envelope provided, or bring them to the Annual Meeting on October 17th – 7PM

Click Below To See All of the Profiles for the 6 Nominees!

Shadow Hills Country Club

2015 Nominees for Board of Directors

board-brownRon Brown – First of all, I want to thank the nominating committee for advancing my name as a potential Board Member for Shadow Hills.  It is an honor to be included on a roster of very qualified candidates.

My family and I have been  members of Shadow Hills since 2000.  Our family has enjoyed the many amenities and events over the years that continue to this day.  We have met very special friends and acquaintances during that time.   It was with a great sense of pride and appreciation for the work of all who are stewards of this great place.  This appreciation was manifested when I was with my family on a late summer evening.  We were sitting on the patio and admiring the setting sun down the eighteenth fairway, and the beauty of that image.  It was that image our founders and the generosity of members had in mind as they brought their vision forward.

A careful vision and attention to excellence has always been the hallmark of Shadow Hills.  This is due to the dedication of leadership, the staff, and the numerous volunteers who always make every event a memorable one.

I would hope to bring my experiences and love of the game to continue with this tradition of excellence as a member of your board.  I have enjoyed a very rewarding career in education.  I have been a  teacher/coach, and high school principal.  I currently work with beginning administrators at the university level, and also serve as a Lead Evaluator for the school improvement process, through the accreditation process in the State of Oregon.  In all of those arenas I have had experiences in working and leading in complex and political environments.  Those experiences included managing budgets and managing facilities. I have worked with others to develop an organizational vision, and implement and monitor that vision.   In all of those situations it is important to maximize and recognize the capacity of people.  As in the educational setting it was about the students.  Here at Shadow Hills it is always about the membership and the culture we create for the member experience.  My beliefs and values would be to partner with others in creating a positive member experience through a planning focus, having fiscal integrity in that process, solicit member input, and always explore ideas and amenities that would be of benefit to our membership in order to sustain the continued viability of our club.

There is a nice slate of candidates for you to choose from.  I would appreciate your support and would work hard to serve your interests and needs if selected.  I would be honored to represent you on the board.  Thank you for your consideration.

Board-HallMichael Hall – It is an honor to have been asked to serve as a Board Member and I want to thank everyone at the club for considering me for this position.  I believe my extensive background in finance will be an asset and lend itself to helping shape Shadow Hills Country Club for future strength and prosperity.  I started my financial career in 1999 with no clients.  Through perseverance and hard work I have grown my business to over $200 million dollars in assets that I manage for my clients.  I understand the hard work and dedication that it takes to manage money, people and expectations for long term success, which can be used to help the future of the club.

My wife and three daughters, ages 13, 10, and 5, love coming to Shadow Hills and spending time in the clubhouse and the pool.

The past Board Members of Shadow Hills Country Club have done an outstanding job shaping the club thus far and I will strive to continue and expand on their legacy.  Besides holding a CFP, APMA and a CRPC, I am also uniquely qualified to add a different perspective that I believe has been missing on the Board, which is my age.  I am currently in my late 30’s and plan on being a member of Shadow Hills for the next 40 plus years.  This means that I truly am invested in this club’s success and future standing.

Serving on the Finance Committee for the club the last three years has motivated me to help Shadow Hills Country Club continue on our path of having the best country club possible.  If elected, I will make sure to continue the great stewardship that has been in place and will be honored to lead it into the next phase.

JimJames Low – My name is Jim Low and I am running for the position of Board member.  I was born and raised in the Eugene-Springfield area.  I graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Business Administration.  I currently live in Eugene with my wife, Sheila.  We have three grown children and three young grandchildren.

I have been on the Golf Committee for the last two years.  Our mission is to deal with the operation of the Pro Shop, supervise handicap procedures, consult with club members regarding club-sponsored tournaments, and establish guidelines concerning speed of play.  I have truly enjoyed working with fellow members on this committee.

Other related experience includes serving four years as a director for the Southtowne Rotary.  My work experience includes years working with financial statements, budgeting, and planning.  My last position was as director for the men’s residential facility at Willamette Family Treatment Center.

We have a wonderful club.  The course is beautiful, the practice area is the best in the Valley, and our new clubhouse is the envy of members of many other clubs who come here to play.  I wish to continue the work of the Board to make sure these wonderful aspects of the club remain.  At the same time, we must also ensure that we live within our means and do not overextend ourselves.  It is a delicate balance between providing all the amenities members want and being diligent about staying within our budget.

It would be my pleasure to be a member of this Board as we work toward a successful future.

Thank you for your consideration.

BetsyBetsy Ovitt – I have been a member at Shadow Hills since 2001.  In that time, I have chaired the Women’s Invitational for 9 years turning it into a well-coordinated event run by a committee with a wait list to play for the past 8 years.  I have served on the Membership Committee for 7 years and helped coordinate the 2011 Food and Beverage Survey that was shared with the staff and contributed to the improvements in F&B.  I was the 2012 Women’s Club President and initiated the change to open the lounge to all members every day.  I have also served on the Golf Committee for the past 2 years and pushed to get Family Tees implemented.

My strongest qualifications for this position are the years of service I have given Shadow Hills, which helped me learn how our club operates.  Beyond that I have been a manager in nursing and quality improvement, responsible for a $12 million budget and for applying lean manufacturing principles in healthcare.  I believe at this stage of life, my experiences are more important than college degrees, but that said, I have two master’s degrees – one in business, the other in nursing.

I believe strongly in the Mission of Shadow Hills, especially in representing all members, and in keeping the Mission central to the work of the club’s Board and all committees.  I am a proponent of providing for two-way communication between the members and the Board, and in using benchmarking information from other private clubs to help us maintain perspective and uncover new ideas for moving Shadow Hills ahead.

I am willing to work hard to keep Shadow Hills on course to be one of the finest private clubs in the Valley, without the traditional elitism associated with many country clubs.  Shadow is welcoming, casual and classy all at the same time … I believe this combination is what makes our club special.

I would appreciate your vote and would be grateful to serve.

JoelJoel Pomerantz – My wife Diane and I have been Shadow Hills members for 3 1/2 years and I am honored to be considered for a board position. I love the course, the members, the staff and our beautiful clubhouse. Despite my flailing game, I love playing at Shadow Hills. Diane and I always enjoy the food and service at the club. We have made friends here and I especially look forward to helping to maintain Shadow Hills traditions and to improve how we serve our members.

I moved here from Pennsylvania in 1977 to attend graduate school at the University of Oregon. I have worked in the hospitality industry for the better part of 32 years, in and around restaurants, resorts and hotels. Currently I am responsible for membership and the regional program at Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association, where I have worked for about 10 years. I currently sit on the board of directors of Travel Lane County, our regional destination marketing organization. I also work under a volunteer board of directors in my job, so you might say that I occupy a unique position on two complimentary sides of the coin. Much like Shadow Hills, ORLA and Travel Lane County are membership organizations.

These experiences have helped me understand the proper role of a board is in what are essentially volunteer membership organizations.  At Shadow Hills, I think it is important to exercise diligent oversight of management and member committees while providing them with all of the tools necessary to continue the success of the club.

In the last couple of years we have seen a significant membership expansion, and with the new clubhouse, a vast improvement in the member dining and overall facility experience as well as an explosion of revenue-generating private events. With improved financial health we need to pay close attention to member enjoyment so that we can build on our recent growth. As someone whose participation in the club begins with golf, to me that means we need to improve pace of play, member course maintenance, and more – in short, we need to find ways to instill a mutual respect for each other on the course. We should find ways to honor our legacy members while helping new members adopt the Shadow Hills tradition of respect and consideration of each other on the course, so that we can all enjoy our wonderful club.

Thanks for considering me for the board. I know that all of us who have been nominated care deeply about Shadow Hills and are committed to its bright future.

VarnerRichard Varner – Gloria and I joined Shadow Hills about 5 years ago.  We have been active since we have been members.  Gloria is Treasurer-elect for the Women’s Club and I have been on the Greens Committee for two years.

Before I retired three years ago, I worked for EWEB for 25 years.  Before coming to Eugene, I was a performance and computer systems auditor for the state of Montana.  For much of my career at EWEB, I managed the budget, rates, and long-term financial planning group.  Later I managed the power trading group and then the long-term power supply planning and power contracts group.

If I’m elected to the Board, I hope to be able to leverage my financial and management experience and passion for golf to maintain the high quality experience at Shadow Hills and to make improvements where practical.

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