Rusults, More Results, and a Fish Story


The past few weeks have been busy with social tournaments of all shapes, sizes and flavors of fun!

The recent Annual Women’s Mulli-Mudder attracted a solid crowd of ladies who braved rare rainy weather!

Glow Ball, The Men’s Closer, and the Tualitin Home and Here tournaments were all successful and well attended.
Click Below for Results from the tournments

But the best untold story heard recently, is that of the legendary battle between Dan Stewart, and the fabled “Walter” on our own “Golden Pond,” (aka 4th hole water hazard)

Click below for DETAILS




It has long been rumored that some of the our longer standing members, and even a handful of our greens staff, have been known to carry short poles, just in case they got a chance to drop a line for a  little “Catch and Release” fishing.  Rumors are rumors…and most of what you see in the ponds are mostly ripples, and splashes that you catch out of the corner of your eye.

But recently, Dan Stewart did more than catch a glimpse of a large-mouth bass breaking the surface, he CAUGHT a large mouth bass that was affectionately deemed as “Walter,” of Golden Pond legend. Amazing stuff, Dan. But of course everyone wants to know…”Did you sink the putt?


The golf at Shadow Hills is always amazing… but now we have something to keep us busy if we are stuck behind a “Sunday Fivesome.”

Remember…it’s “Catch and Release!” Walter lived to see another pole!

And please…if you get a big one on, and it is going to fight for a while…let the players behind you play through!






Here are results from recent golf events.





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2 responses to “Rusults, More Results, and a Fish Story”

  1. Betsy Ovitt says :

    I have a technical question..when I click on “Click below for results for the tournaments” or “Click below for DETAILS” I am not sure where to click, because nothin seems to happen. Can you help me correct my user error, please?


    Betsy Ovitt


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