Wedding Dress Dash a Huge SHCC Hit!

Sometimes, there are events that show off Shadow Hills Country Club in ways that we would least suspect. On October 4th, at as early as 2AM in the morning, hopeful brides looking to score the deal of a lifetime on the wedding dress of their dreams, began lining up at the gates.

In a joint event with Shadow Hills CC, KDUK radio, and Brides for Cause, hundreds of young ladies, friends and families were exposed to the unique benefits of our amazing wedding facility.  At 7AM, the long line began an “orderly dash” to try on and purchase wedding dresses that were lined up in our ballroom, and ready for purchase.

Dawn Hills, our catering and events manager took every opportunity to hand out information, and reports of several weddings already booked for the coming year as a result of this event have been reported!

The best part of the event, was the wide-eyed look of bewildered confusion of the regular 6AM breakfast before golf crowd, as the line before the gates opened, stretched from the ballroom, all the way back to the club storage area!



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