SHCC Board Thanks Management and Staff for Hard Work Resulting in OGA Award


In an executive session of the SHCC board of directors, it was decided that a big THANK YOU be posted in our communication media, for the amazing work that staff and management did over the past years to help achieve the recent 2014 Facility of the Year Award from the OGA.
Without question, the amazing increases in membership, facilities upgrades, income and operational efficiencies are a group effort. However, each member of the staff was responsible for key aspects of the results.

sheltonGeneral Manager Dave Shelton (along with his wife Jenny, our Pro Shop Buyer and merchandiser) are tireless workers, with an amazing range of talents. It is not uncommon to find Dave attending meetings, working with the department managers and committees, while doing a variety of general facility maintenance, minor improvements, or minor facility construction projects.

As a PGA professional, he has a full understanding of every aspect of the facility and operations, and under his watchful eye and guidance, SHCC has seen some of the most dramatic improvements in our history.  Jenny is a constant partner in almost every club event, working with the social committee, maintaining the club decorations and clubhouse landscaping, as well as buying and merchandising for our Pro Shop. In short, the “Shelton Era of SHCC” (which began in 2007) will be remembered as one of the most productive and expansive in our history,  in spite of a national recession and decline in golf industry income.


GaryGary Davis is one of the best-known, best-loved golf professionals in the Northwest. With an ever-changing landscape in the golf industry, the Golf Professional at a Country Club must balance traditional duties, with an expanded list of communication and community duties that can stretch thin the most organized and energetic proGary makes his job look effortless, while providing the utmost of service, organization and education to one of the busiest Country Clubs in the State of Oregon.

Gary has been integral in working with management and staff to help oversee the construction and design of the newly expanded, 24-acre practice and training facility at Shadow Hills CC. His influence and participation in the design of the new McKay Training center resulted in a state-of-the-art teaching and training facility that includes the TrackMan Pro Swing Analysis system, similar to those used almost exclusively by tour professionals and resort training schools.

With more than 60 golf events and tournaments in 2014 alone, there is little wonder why Gary is “the face” of Shadow Hills. His organization and leadership is paramount to the successful golfing community that is Shadow Hills Country Club.

randyRandy Marshall is one of the longest standing employees at Shadow Hills Country Club. Randy has been involved with every change–large or small– to the golf course and practice facilities since the late 1980s. His mentorship and expertise was integral in the huge renovations that took place to our course in the 1990s, paving the way for SHCC to be a 10-year stop on the Nationwide Tour. If there is any doubt as to the amazing difference a great course superintendent means to a facility, take a look at the pictures of SHCC in the “pre-Marshall days”, before the major renovation, irrigation systems, and greens overhauls. Shadow Hills CC is known for its extraordinary year-round playability. This is due in large part to Randy and his amazing crew. With our newly expanded 24 –acre practice facility, SHCC is without question, one of the finest overall facilities in the Northwest.

Some of the most substantial increases in income have come from the food, beverage and banquet facility. With the new clubhouse came an amazing expansion of kitchen, clubhouse and banquet facilities. However, without a team of professionals to take advantage of the improvements, they are merely investments without improved income. The 2013/2014changes in food, beverage and banquet management were substantial, but the results made each one justified.


The Power Trio of Dave Hixon, Dining Room Manager, Chef Diana Seligman, and Dawn Hills, our Catering and Events Manager, have improved not only the quality of food and beverage, but also substantial annual increases in revenue, with the added bonus of improved operational savings.  Starting from a “Best Ever Sales” in the old facility of $211K, this team of amazing managers brought in close to $600K in calendar year 2014, while cutting labor and food costs substantially.  Bookings and events continue to grow to full capacity, along with an ever-improving menu and variety of tasty, but healthy, dining specials.

tony-corrieEvery operation requires office and financial staffing to keep things operating smoothly.  Tony Butler, SHCC Controller, has been a SHCC employee since the mid-1980s. He has been integral in working with the General Manager and finance committees to make sure that billing, collections, and payables are managed monthly and annually in a manner that fit the professionalism of our club. Corrie Gelardi has been integral in working with Tony and the department managers to make sure that events, communications and membership information remain fluid.

Shadow Hills Country Club is a living community that is the sum of all of its parts. Members, volunteers, committees and board leadership are all part of the growing community that has almost reached our bylaw membership cap. However, it is the staff and management that perform the day-to-day operations that make Shadow Hills Country Club the success that it has become today.

As stated before, Tradition, Community and Service …the benchmarks of a great country club, are alive at Shadow Hills. We are fortunate to have a staff and management capable of keeping our future bright, while maintaining the best aspects of our history.

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  1. Carolyn Townsend says :

    Nice job, Patric … thank you for pushing to write the article on short notice.



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