Murder Mystery Dinner… Proves Elusive and Fun!


On Jan. 24th, The Shadow Hills Players, led by Jim Curtiss and Mark Allen, staged another of the popular “Murder Mystery Dinners.”

The mystery was both challenging and fun, as 5 teams of amateur murder sleuths did their best to solve the question of, “Who Dunnit?”

“The scene is the Blue Orchid nightclub in 1938.  Atlee Publishers is throwing a soiree for noted playwright Morris King.  He has hinted that he has some shocking revelations about the three year old murder of stage legend Sherman Reeves.  Just before he reveals his secrets, he chokes and runs from the room.  It is shortly confirmed that he is dead and, conveniently, all the suspects are already in the room. ”

Only one team successfully named the murder(s), with several going off-track to accuse the helpful, if confused, Sergeant Melville…one of the investigators of the crime.

There was little doubt that Chef Diana would provide an amazing meal, and nobody was disappointed!

Be part of the next production, or join in the fun…no acting talent required. Trust us on that.

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