2015 Membership Drive Under Way- Here are the details!

Starting March 1st, The 2015 Membership Drive kicked off with a number of changes from previous years.  In the past, we have offered multi-year credits to both the new member as well as the referring Shadow Hills Member. We saw a significant drop-off in the effectiveness of this program over the past couple of years. The program relied almost solely upon member referrals with no outside advertising, and it only makes sense that there are limited numbers within each member’s “sphere of influence,” (family, friends, business associates).  We ran our first newspaper advertisements in years, at the tail end of the season, creating a burst of new member activity.

In addition, the cost of the ongoing discounts had a huge impact on operating cash flow, the elimination of which resulted in tens of thousands of dollars per year saved.  For these reasons, we are modifying the Membership Drive offers this year to include more mixed media advertising, eliminating the monthly discounts, while maintaining a limited time initiation discount, as well as a “referral bonus” to the referring member.

CLICK “READ MORE” For Membership Special Pricing

The details are as follows:
Dates for Membership Drive – March 1st thru July 31st 2015

Discounted Initiation Fee
Full Golfing membership from $4,000 to $3,000

Junior Executive membership from $2,500 to $2,000

Social memberships from $400 to $300

Referring Member will receive a credit to their account, in the sum equal to the monthly dues of the new member.  For example if you refer a single golfing member the credit is $385, or a junior executive family member the credit would be $318.

With the slight increase in dues beginning April 1st, ($10 for Family, $8 for Singles) this is a great way to offset the increase for years to come! Just one referral can end up giving you the value of more than 3 years dues increase offset!

We will have a special page on our website, highlighting the Membership Drive Offer.  Don’t forget to use our Membership Video (found on the Membership page) as a way to help tell the Shadow Hills Country Club story to prospective members.  And remember, if you have a prospect that is interested in joining, schedule a round of golf through the Pro Shop (special discount available). Nothing sells our beautiful club and course like being here!  There are several Golf Scramble and Social events open to guests. Again, invite a prospective member for a great look at our Shadow Hills Country Club community.

Watch the Register Guard, as well as some of the major golf events on the Golf Channel and Network broadcasts for our Membership advertising.  As the OGA 2014 Facility of the Year, we have a great story to tell.  Again, make sure to point them out to prospective members.

See Dave or Corrie to get membership packets for your prospective members. We will not be mailing them out to each member this year (again, saving thousands of dollars in printing and postage that can be better spent).

Due to some regular attrition in the off-season, as well as modifying the way in which we count golfing members by board/Bylaws changes last year, we have 30 golf memberships available for this Membership Season. Let’s get our membership to “Full Capacity.”  The extra income adds to the enjoyment and service of the entire membership, course improvements, and continued evolution of our facility.

Let’s all push to make it to our Full Membership cap! Everyone benefits when we are full.


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