Early Spring Roundup – Fashion, Posting and Course Etiquette


As we move through what can only be described as “an Early Spring,” we see all sorts of signs of color and growth. We begin preparation for another great golf season with some date reminders, and a request for course stewardship.

As of March 1st, we are posting scores again for those keeping a handicap.  A handicap is required for almost all leagues and tournaments, and posting every round, nine or eighteen holes is the best way to keep competitions fair and competitive. Post your scores on the computer by the locker rooms, as you finish your round.

April 1st brings the official switch in our dress code, which allows “clean and neat denim” on the course from November 1st through April 1st.  The weather has been unseasonably warm, and we have already seen members in shorts, skirts, and layered tops, braving the chilly morning air.

Two of our members stood out in the fashion world this past month…click “read more” to see them.

MikelMariah Mikel looked great in a Nike ensemble, during a fundraiser for the March of Dimes. Mariah reports that more than $67,000 was raised. Looking good, Mariah! The sporty layered look is perfect for early spring play!











We don’t know what inspired this outfit from Rob Johnson. A remake of “Dorf on Golf” comes to mind. But the color-coordinated outfit, complete with matching socks and knickers (board shorts?), tells us that a lot of thought went into this. No money was raised for this outing. However a fund in the golf shop may be started to make sure we see this on a limited basis in the future. See Gary Davis for details.

A reminder about etiquette and playing time. As we approach the regular season, the great weather has already begun to generate near-full tee sheets on weekends, during peak hours. Pace of play on these days are especially important, as we are all hoping for rounds that take no longer than 4 hours, maximum to complete. Fivesomes MUST be cleared with the Pro Shop. If you play in a slower group, including those that may have slower players, new players, or those playing with medical restrictions, please be courteous to those behind you, and let faster players play through. If you experience long delays due to a slow group in front of you, call the pro shop, and one of our pros will come out to marshal the situation.

Finally, as the growing season never really had a break, due to the unseasonably warm weather, taking care of our course has never been more important.

Member Steve Hellyer sent this gentle reminder for “pride of ownership” as it pertains to stewardship of the course.

We all were excited last fall when we heard the news that Shadow Hills Country Club had been selected as Facility of the Year for 2014 in the state of Oregon. It goes without saying our new clubhouse and improved banquet and food and beverage capabilities contributed heavily to that award. However, we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that golf and its auxiliary services is the cash cow of the organization.

Service has always been the name of the game, but the grand experience at Shadow Hills wouldn’t be the same without the immaculate condition and playability of our course layout. The smooth greens and close-cropped fairways in which bad lies are rare are the club’s calling card. If golf weren’t exemplary and didn’t carry its outstanding reputation, we wouldn’t be where we are with our membership. Many clubs have suffered downturns after building new clubhouses, but not SHCC. That’s because the golf course is the clincher. 

So, the motivation for a report from one of the members has to do with situations observed during numerous days on the course. We wouldn’t think of letting our homes or other possessions used on a daily basis fall into disrepair, and so it is with the course at Shadow Hills. Every unrepaired fairway divot, unfixed ball mark on the greens or tracks from indiscriminate cart use takes away from the quality of our golf product. Without too many exceptions, our group, for one, is constantly returning this “damage” to the course back to its original condition because a player before us has failed to do so. 

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE not take this as admonishment, but receive it in the spirit intended. If your ball lands on the green from any distance (or the fringe, for that matter), take a few extra seconds and make sure you’re not leaving a scar on the putting surface. Also, unsightly divots in the fairways (and, even in the rough) that haven’t been dealt with are black marks on the course’s reputation for playability. Replacing the divot or applying sand mix is easily accomplished. Finally, keep your cart off the fairways on “Cart Path Only” days to further show respect for the course. It doesn’t take long to go the extra mile. 

Golf at Shadow Hills is second to none for its enjoyment value and we know everyone in the membership wants to keep it that way. Please take this as a reminder that’s not coming from the greens staff or the pro shop. We call it “pride of ownership.” You know, leave it better than you found it. As Gary Davis says often, “see you at the course.”

-Steve Hellyer

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