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Anyone who has played golf with Jim Steinberger and his wife Joyce, is instantly struck by his clear, pure basso/baritone voice (and incredible shock of white hair). Having had the pleasure to work with Jim in both his professional career (he sang one of the Three Kings parts in the Emmy Award winning Claymation Christmas Celebration in 1987), as well as serving with him on the Membership Committee, I am always struck by his gentle, polite, and professional manner.

A long and storied career is coming to an end Friday May 29th, and the Register Guard did a wonderful and fitting tribute.

Those who are RG subscribers can find the entire piece (published May 28th) online…HERE.

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Reprinted from a story in the Register Guard

But Friday’s concert in Beall Hall will mark the end of that era, as Steinberger closes the third stage of his career. It’s a professional life that began right out college at the University of Oregon with a freshly inked diploma in musical education and a job offer to become choral director at Pleasant Hill High School.

From there, Steinberger went to South Eugene High School as choral music director and later also taught at Churchill High School. He officially — but not completely — retired in 2006, because during his last 15 years with the Eugene School District, he also led the Women’s Choral Society.

“I had a good friend, Mary Beaudet, who was an accomplished accompanist — she just died a couple of months ago — and she used to work with me when I taught at South Eugene,” Steinberger recalled. “She also accompanied the Women’s Choral Society for about 20 years, and in 1991, when the previous director left, she encouraged me to apply.

“I auditioned, and I got the job.”


It’s time to travel

Steinberger thought about staying with the choral society for another year, “just to hit 25 years,” he said, but decided that “there’s nothing magic about a number.”

“My wife and I really want to travel, and I think this is the time to do it.”

So in the fall, about the time the choral society will begin its new session in September, Steinberger and his wife, Joyce Gardner — the couple met via in 2008 and married in January 2009 — will be on a “repositioning cruise” that takes them on a ship from Copenhagen, Denmark, through various ports in the North Atlantic and ends in New York, which will be the departure point for the cruise line for the winter season.


See you at the club!

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