Benefits of Exercise and Diet in Golf & Life



By Nick Mainenti

Today everyone–from your doctor, your family, and countless articles on the internet, can tell you about the endless benefits of a healthy lifestyle. These benefits not only apply to your quality of life in general, but also to the most beautiful game in the world: Golf!

Let’s look at four basic key elements of a healthy lifestyle that also apply to golf:

  • Balance
  • Stretching
  • Strength Training
  • Nutrition

If you put these for four elements into practice—and maintain them over time- your body will demonstrate an increased ability to do all the things you want it to do. Despite your history, your age, your fears or your resistance, if you DO them you will see rapid amazing changes in how your body looks, works and feels! Here are some examples.

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First, let’s look at Balance. It is such a huge factor in life, but most of the time we forget to practice the skills it takes to maintain it. Golf requires so much of it and it is so vital to injury prevention! From the time you set up to the ball, shift your weight between legs, then swing a club with velocity and precision through different planes of motion, this element comes into play. With no balance, your swing mechanics have no foundation.  Instability will cause other parts of your body to compensate to slow your swing down after impact, such as your lower back and lead hip.

Are you finding it harder to bend over to pick up the golf ball out of the cup, repair a divot on the green or even pick up the keys you dropped on the ground? Do you have problems with early extension or “Charlie horses” in your legs at night? It’s time to implement a Stretching routine into your daily rituals.

Do you find getting your golf bag out of the car getting harder or that sack of groceries or cat food is feeling heavier and heavier? Are you finding it difficult to get up out of a chair or squat down to read a putt? Are you worried about bone density? If so, the Strength Training can save you!

Lastly we have Nutrition. Our bodies, our internal engines, have driven us a long way through this life. Whether your goal is to lose weight, walk 18 holes, increase golf longevity or extending your life as well as quality of life, it makes sense to start putting Premium fuel in our tanks! If you skipped breakfast and are feeling rundown by the 7th Hole, Call in to order a Turn Sandwich and feed your fatigued muscles. Your handicap will thank you!

In closing, these four elements of a healthier lifestyle are the pillars of which our foundation sits. Whether it’s to just feel better mentally, physically or truly, truly playing your best golf, each one will ultimately help your cause. Just start small, set goals, accomplish and repeat! Have faith, have fun and you will succeed!

Nick Mainenti is a certified fitness trainer who offers a wide range of strength and conditioning training services through Shadow Hills Country Club.  To schedule an appointment to explore your health and fitness needs, email him HERE or call Nick at 541-870-0647

Look for future articles from Nick here on ShadowHillsExtra


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