Glow Ball Scramble Results


by Patric Miller- ShadowHillsExtra editor

The picture above is an actual image from the Glow Ball Scramble played on the evening of October 2nd.  It is an accurate portrayal of how difficult it is to see the ball at address, but in no way reflects (because it is so dark) the fun of watching the ball after impact, as it goes in the general direction intended, or climbs a tree (looking much like a pinball) or falls into a water hazard, where it glows mockingly out of reach. The circles you see are glow-stick necklaces, required so that those who were in carts, knew where to dodge while maneuvering the fairway (and occasional sand trap).

Yes. This was my first attempt at glow-balling, and I have to admit that it was something I will not likely miss in the future.  There is nothing more humbling than realizing just how poor your depth perception really is, as you tunnel a driver deeply into the turf on your first swing (don’t worry Randy, we sanded the trench). By the third hole, I had a better sense of swing, making my best effort to “be the ball” while wearing a cowboy outfit with a large, rigid cowboy hat affixed to my head, (did I mention it was a Halloween theme?). I surprised everyone with a couple of good shots that were at least as good as I could produce in the light of day, then watching my putts streak by the cup, or lip out (did I see sparks?) bringing me back to the reality of my nocturnal skill level.

Our team placed well out of the money…but there were some AMAZING (I hesitate to use the word “unbelievable”) scores posted!  What a great way to cap one of the most memorable golf seasons in recent years! We will not miss this event next year, and have set up a putting green in the laundry room, where we can practice with the lights out. We shall be redeemed!

Click Below for ResultsGLOWBALL-RESULTS

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