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Play Your Best Golf

Shadow Hills Country Club is committed to helping its members play their best golf through the improvement of their golf skills, flexibility, strength, and endurance. Golfers are free to use the club’s facilities to improve their golf skills and fitness, or sign up for lessons or workout sessions with one of our Golf and Fitness Instructors.

Playing Your Best Golf begins with fitness and practice. Our Driving Range and Practice Facilities are expansive and unique. Our Fitness Center is fully equipped, with weights, machines for aerobic exercise, stretch bands, and a golf-specific stretching apparatus.

Shadow Hills is proud of its team of professional golf coaches. They provide individual and group instruction for golfers at all skill and age levels. The instructors at Shadow Hills Country Club are committed to helping members play their best golf by improving their golf skills, flexibility, strength, and endurance.

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Golf Instructors

Gary Davis, Head PGA Golf Professional Certifications: Class A PGA Head Golf Professional Years of teaching experience: 28 Specialties: Golfers of all abilities, from the youngest beginners to the most knowledgeable veterans. In addition, I have instructed high caliber golfers at the professional level and NCAA Division I college level. Instructional approach: I continually encourage each of my students to learn and practice, because simply being interested in becoming a better golfer is not sufficient. I have them take an active role in each of my golf lessons by creating meaningful drills for them to practice. These drills and other activities move my students beyond just hitting balls, which actually can interfere with the learning process. In addition, I use Trackman (a state-of-the-art computerized sensing device) to advance my students’ understanding of such things as ball flight, angle of attack, and club path, and to ensure they are using the proper equipment. I want all my students to see themselves as capable of becoming successful golfers. Availability: I am available for individual lessons, group lessons, and junior lessons.

Mr. Davis can be contacted by phone: 541-998-8441 email:

Mario Dericco, PGA 1st Assistant Golf Professional Certifications: Class A Member, Professional Golfers Association (PGA) of America Years of teaching experience: 8 Specialties: Golfers of all ability levels and ages, including men, women, and juniors Instructional approach: Golf is a challenging game. There is no such thing as an easy shot in golf; some are just less difficult than others. For this reason I make it a priority to keep my golf communication simple and relatable, and I take a light-hearted approach to the game. Each of my golf lessons is designed to create an atmosphere of learning, encouragement, and fun. I observe your long golf swings, short game swings, and putting stroke, and then help you make a few adjustments so that you progress toward the goal of playing your best golf. Availability: Upon request, I provide individual lessons, private group lessons (2-3 golfers), and golf clinics (4-10 golfers).

Mr. Dericco can be contacted by phone: 541-998-8441 email:

Jeff Smith
, Assistant Golf Professional Certifications: PGA Apprentice Golf Professional Years of teaching experience: 23 Specialties: Golfers of all ability levels and ages. Instructional approach: My goal is to help all my students improve their golf skills. I do not believe that there is a universal correct swing; rather, there can be a correct, but different swing for each individual. When practiced and developed in a proper fashion, that particular swing can be repetitive and successful for the individual. Also, I have my students focus on the action of the golf ball when struck, because that action is the best source for diagnosing a golf swing, pitch, bunker shot, chip, or putt. Finally, I make it a priority to create a relaxed, comfortable environment for my students as they work on playing their best golf. Availability: I am available for individual lessons, group lessons, and lessons for juniors.

Mr. Smith can be contacted by phone: 541-998-8441 email:

Jim Dodd, Teaching Professional Certifications: Certified National Golf Instructor Years of teaching experience: 38 Specialties: Instruction in all aspects of the golf swing. I specialize in assessing golfers’ anatomical capabilities and limitations, including recovery from injuries, and adjust my instruction accordingly. Instructional approach: I focus on conveying an awareness of a golf-swing sequence that my students can feel, understand, and utilize with minimal bodily discomfort. I want my students to enjoy the game of golf throughout their life without physical pain and emotional stress. I also help my students engage in self-governed, continuous improvement in their golf skills through mind-to-body communication and harmony. Availability: I make appointments to fit my clients’ schedule. In addition, I offer small-group clinics. When I am not at Shadow Hills, I am Director of Instruction at Heritage Palms in Indio, California.

Mr. Dodd can be contacted by phone: 760-485-8000 email:

Fitness Instructor

Nick Mainenti, Fitness Trainer Certifications: Certified Professional Trainer, American Council on Exercise; Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Professional Years of teaching experience: 15 Specialties: (a) Strengthening and (b) increasing the flexibility of muscles used in the golf swing. Improving each individual’s overall fitness. I work with golfers at all age and fitness levels. Instructional approach: I firmly believe that exercise is the secret to a healthy life. It is H2O for the soul, if you will. Exercise repairs, releases, rewires, and rejuvenates the mind and body. I show you how to fit strength training into your daily routine at the club or home. Whether by having you curl a can of tomato sauce or performing the “Farmers Walk” carrying 50-pound dumbbells, I can design an individualized program that will help you not only play your best golf, but live the rest of your life with more vigor and enthusiasm!

Mr. Manienti can be contacted by mobile phone or text: 541-870-0647 email: Twitter: @shadowtrainer3


Swim Instructor

Megan Carey, Swim Instructor and Head Lifeguard Certifications: Red Cross lifeguard certificate; Star Guard certificate; first aid & CPR certificate Years of teaching experience: 8 Specialties: I teach all ages, from infant to adults. Instructional approach: I individualize my instruction so that I can quickly and effectively improve each student’s swimming ability, whether I am working with an infant or college-level swimmer. My instruction occurs within a caring, trusting, and fun environment so that students enjoy swimming and the learning process. I have found that private lessons are the most effective for my students. Availability: private or group lessons upon request.

Ms. Carey can be contacted by phone: 503-877-0434 email:

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