We Need Your Self Portraits- A Guide to the Perfect “Selfie”

As the feature story in the February Newsletter points out, the Membership Committee has taken on the task of getting a recent picture, and updated contact information from EVERY Shadow Hills member for our Membership Directory.

There are a variety of reasons for this. But, the primary reasons are to help build community (a way for your members to know you better) and for added security for our electronic billing system (making sure that you are the authorized user of your member account).

There are loads of members who currently have no current pictures on file…and even more who have really old pics, that barely resemble their current incarnations!

Case in point…

To this end, we are asking everyone to send us a recent head and shoulders pic, along with their contact information: Name, Address, Email Address and Phone Number(s) to shadowhillsextra@gmail.com.

With the proliferation of digital cameras, cellphone cameras, and social media, getting us a picture is easier than ever!

However, if you Click “Read More” we have some simple tips to “Taking A Great Selfie!”

As a Father of Five Daughters (caps for emphasis), I come by this information honestly.  There are thousands of Facebook pics/selfies/portraits on our various social accounts, and these only represent the pics that “Made the Cut.”  Everyone gets a “first right of refusal” agreement on pictures posted.

By controlling what picture we use, you will have the ability to send us the most flattering picture from your files, or spend the time to take one that works for you. After all, this isn’t the DMV! YOU can pick how you want the world to see you! 

Having watched my daughters during countless photo-op situations, I have gleaned a few basic tips to taking your best Selfie!

If possible, use natural light, or full frontal light.  If your light source is behind you, your picture will come out dark, and menacing.

Back lighting reads poorly

Tip #2… “Shoot High to Lose Five”
OK. Let’s be honest. Most of us are well into the aging process (no matter what our current Membership Directory Pics imply). Nobody needs to accentuate the features that make them look older, heavier than they are (or at least perceive themselves to be).  When you shoot a selfie with the camera below your chin, and looking down at the camera (a typical rookie move), you look wider, and less happy. Nobody needs added emphasis on jowells.

Yes…this is really the same person…with the only difference being,
I held the camera low…then high. See what I mean?

By Holding the camera (or having your photographer hold the camera) slightly above your eye-level, the camera becomes your best friend!

Option #3- Send a family pic of you or your partner…especially if you know it is easier!  Let us take it from there!

One of the first to respond to our plea, was Lori Reynolds.  Lori obviously knows how to take a beautiful selfie!

But she also knows her husband, Ed…and wrote, “Just use this one because let’s face facts, that he’ll never submit one on his own.”

Point taken! I replied that we could edit this to work, easily!

As you can see…we photo-shopped the first pic to get the one we will use for the directory.

If you just can’t bring yourself to take a selfie, or have someone else take a picture of you, you can stop by the front office, and we can take one for you…but, it will be closer to a DMV picture than you may want! 

However you get the picture and information to us, please do it soon!  We want to have the membership directory updated by April 1st, and those who are missing, will receive a call from the membership committee.

SEND US YOUR PICTURE, Name, Address, Email Address, and Phone Number(s) to 

Patric Miller – digital communications

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