Murder Mystery Dinner Set


Saturday, February 27th, Cocktails at 6PM, Dinner and Murder Follow!

The Mystery takes place at the Canusa B&B,  in Burley-Line, Vermont.  This is an actual town that is bisected by the US/Canadian border.  Consequently, the border goes right through the dining room so half the guests will be in the US and the other half will be in Canada.

murdermystery-logoReginald Bullard of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police will be there to monitor the border.  Some time during dinner, the festivities will be disturbed by murder.  It will be up to the guests in the room to come up with “who done it” and why.  This will not be easy since nothing and no one is as they seem at the Canusa Bed and Breakfast.

An amazing Murder Mystery Meal will be served, following special cocktails. 

Cost is $27 per person – Space will be limited to 6-7 tables of 8 to accommodate the interrogations.
Contact Dave Hixson or the Dining Room to make your reservations!

Click Read More to see the Dinner Menu!
Murder Mystery Meal Menu (say that ten times fast!)

Murder Mystery dinner set on the Vermont/Canadian Border

Field Greens with a chop of Seasonal Vegetables with a Vermont
maple Balsamic vinaigrette

Mixed greens with blue cheese, pear and pecans with alight berry

Fresh baked rolls and butter

Tourtière : Canadian Double Crusted Meat Pie

Maple glazed Pea meal Canadian Bacon

Vermont Grafton Cheddar Mashed potatoes

Seasonal Vegetables

Nova Scotia Wild Blueberry Grunt with Ice Cream

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