Women’s 2016 Shootout at Bandon


by Nancy Moore

In early February, 11 women, along with our golf professionals, Gary Davis and Jeff Smith, went on a golf trip to Bandon Dunes Golf Resort.   Gary organized a two-day, team match play competition.  The teams consisted of:

Shadow Team 1                                       Shadow Team 2
Pam Brills/Chris Wesely                           Carolyn Townsend/Betsy Ovitt
Shari Hoover/Patsy Raffin                       Nancy Moore/Lori Reynolds
Marilyn France/Debbie Durbin               Leilani Norman/Jeff Smith

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Day one . . . a beautiful February day.  We arrived and checked into our rooms at the Lily Pond.  We met for dinner at McKee’s Pub and ended the evening at the outdoor patio by the fireplace, talking to guests from all over the country raving about the golf courses at Bandon Dunes.

Day two . . . another beautiful February day.  We set off to play Pacific Dunes with its breathtaking scenery and deep bunkers.  Some players chose caddies to enhance their golfing experience.  Taking the advice from Kramer, of TVs Seinfeld, “always listen to your caddie” when advised to putt from 50 yards off the green!  While Jeff golfed, Gary followed the players offering advice and closely watching the competition.  After the day’s play, Gary and Jeff held a clinic on the driving range and putting green.  Then some took advantage of a “free” putting game at the Punchbowl 18-hole putting course which caters to players with adult beverage service.  The evening included dinner at The Gallery Restaurant and ended, once again, at the outdoor patio surrounding the fireplace.

Day three . . . a typical day at the Oregon coast started with a light drizzle and cooler temperatures.  As the day went on, the weather improved and the rain gear was removed.  We played Bandon Dunes with its beautiful ocean views on almost every hole, some of which remind you of Pebble Beach.  The handicap system is set up to even the playing field and giving strokes came into play because the matches were close both days. The competition continued with Shadow Team 2 needing to win one match to take the competition.  Shadow Team 2 got that much needed win narrowly defeating Shadow Team 1 . . . 3 ½ to 2 ½ points.

Looking back . . . what started as a golf trip turned into “Shadow Hills Women’s Excellent Adventure.”  The facilities and food are superior and can compete with any highly rated resort.  The golf courses live up to the hype as a pure golf experience just like St. Andrews.  Golf Digest lists their Top 100 golf courses of the world rating Pacific Dunes No. 21 and Bandon Dunes No. 62 which are just a few hours away from Eugene and at half the price!  They excel in excellent customer service from the time you check in, to the restaurants, the Pro Shops and the caddies, who not only carry your bag, give insightful advice, with quick wit, to help you maneuver the challenges of the links courses.

There were many laughs, great matches and, most of all, developed closer ties as some were just acquaintances at the Club.  A great time was had by all with everyone wanting to go back next year.  The dates have been scheduled, increasing from three to five tee times.  Mark your calendars for February 8-9, 2017!

Thank you Leilani for organizing the trip!  Thank you Gary and Jeff for a great time!

“18 holes of match or medal play will teach you more about your foe than will
18 years of dealing with him across a desk.”  ~Grantland Rice

 IMG_5154 (1) IMG_5154 (2) IMG_5155 IMG_5156

IMG_5024 IMG_5026 IMG_5030 IMG_5032 IMG_5033 IMG_5035 IMG_5036


IMG_5038 IMG_5052 IMG_5053 IMG_5055 IMG_5057 IMG_5065 IMG_5079 IMG_5082

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