Birdhouses Installed…New “Tenants” Appearing!

A small but dedicated group installed the new birdhouses as part of our Audubon certification process, on February 20th.

Our feathered friends are just one of the many bonus amenities that make Shadow Hills CC unique!
Click “More” to see the pictures and descriptions from Audubon chair, Betsy Ovitt.

The Owl nest is on #3, about 50 yards in front of the tee boxes to the East.  A great Horned Owl has taken up residence there.
These are photos of installing the bird houses on the course.
The houses were installed February 20 with a BIG Thank You to the grounds crew who had put in the posts and put attachments on the houses before we got there.  The group that “helped” were Carolyn Townsend, Mark Gall, Susie Piper, Betsy Ovitt and Kathy Landberg – though Jake Witherspoon and Ryan Wickhoff did the heavy lifting for us.
The bird houses are on numbers 1, 3, 4, 5, 9, 13, 14.
Birdhouses2 Birdhouses3 Birdhouses4

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One response to “Birdhouses Installed…New “Tenants” Appearing!”

  1. Margaret Knudsen says :

    Thanks to all that made this happen!


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