Clinic to be Offered By Jim Dodd : Concepts on Chipping and Pitching: Running vs. Stopping Shots



TOPIC: Concepts on Chipping and Pitching: Running vs. Stopping Shots

TIME: Friday, May 27th at 5:30 PM (COST $10.00 per member)


(Please call Jim with any questions at 760-485-8000)

Please plan to attend our upcoming clinic covering techniques on “Chipping
and Pitching”. We’ll provide ideas and information as well as answers to
questions you might have about how to improve your scoring technique from
around the green; we’ll discuss methods and swing motions to get the ball
close to the cup from various lies and under challenging conditions. You’ll
want to discover & utilize these beneficial concepts to lower your scores and
increase enjoyment… “a good approach saves par even if you miss the green.”

At this clinic, we will discuss…

• The difference between height and spin, and how to manage both.

• Effective techniques to manage ‘landing area’, ‘travel’, ‘destination’.

• The application and difference between ‘check’, ‘release’, and ‘run’.

• Managing various ground conditions & methods to master ‘tough lies’.
Just show up at the Pro-Shop with your #7 iron, #9 iron, and wedges. We
hope you’ll attend this, as well as future offerings, to make your play and
experience with this great game more enjoyable; we welcome your requests or future clinic topics, scheduling considerations, and recommendations.“Thank You”, from our staff, for allowing us to enhance your enjoyment.

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