ATTENTION 18 Hole Women’s League – Bring on Rio!


Wednesday, August 17 – Daily Play – Olympic Gold

by Sue GraVette

This is the opening day of Women’s Golf at the 2016 Summer Olympics and we have a day planned honoring those women participating. This is the first time golf is included as an Olympic event.

But wait. It isn’t the first time. Flash back to the 1900 Paris when women were first included in the Olympics. Margaret Abbott from the USA was in Paris with her mother studying art. They both entered a nine-hole golf event that they believed to be the Ladies’ Championship of Paris. Margaret won with a score of 47 and her mother came in seventh.

It wasn’t until after Margaret’s death that it came to light that she was, in fact, the USA’s first female Olympic Champion.

This year golf will be included at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro for the first time since 1904 when the United States and Canada were the only two competing countries. It’s likely to be quite a spectacle, as many of the world’s best players (men and women) will battle it out for gold, silver and bronze over 72-holes of stroke play.

For all the questions being asked around golf’s inclusion in the Olympics, there is no question it is vital to golf’s growth. Countries without strong golfing traditions are suddenly pouring money into player development. It will be fun to watch!

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