Women’s Club Holiday & Charity Luncheon Review and Pics


Women’s Club Holiday & Charity Luncheon
Sue GraVette, Chair

Once again the Holiday luncheon on December 7th was a huge success. From the wonderful food, excellent service, many volunteers and interactive entertainment to the rewards for our beneficiary, Courageous Kids, the staff and 106 members and guests out did themselves.

There were several ways to give to the charity and, as usual, guests were very generous. You could buy a bottle of wine from the wine grab table thanks to those many members who donated wine. You could take a chance via raffle tickets for two quilts and two wall hangings donated by Shadow Hill’s own creative and talented Club House Quilters, or you could just place a donation in a tabletop box. Courageous Kids, a grief support program for youth, does not charge for their services, but depend solely on grants and donations. They were presented with a gift of $2866 from this event.

Patric Miller stepped up once again to provide entertainment. Not only did he lead a sing-a-long of some golf related Christmas tunes, but he also starred in a Radio Play called An Unlikely Foursome, which he wrote. A few good sports helped out with that: Melinda Rausch, Suzi Creech, Nancy Moore and me.

Corrie Gelardi and Ryan McDonnell provided complimentary wine and holiday spirits tasting. Hearts for Hospice for set up a little shopping corner. The sale of their treasures brought nearly $900 to that charity.

It wouldn’t have happened without a great committee. Thank you Lori Reynolds, Amy Bennett, Shawn Bokn, Jeri Kessler, Sharon Bowers, Connie Green and Nancy Moore.

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