Mobile Version of SHCC Web Site is Live

With more than 75% of all adults users accessing information about our club through their “padular devices” and cell phones, it was time to create and launch a “Mobile Version” of our basic web site information.  The goal was to create a site that gave an annotated version of the massive amount of information on our full site (which has more than 90 pages of content), to help those interested in finding out more about Shadow Hills, as well as members looking for a quick link to ForeTees, ShadowHillsExtra, Member Content, or our social media, with just a “screen tap away.”

Now, when you go to on your mobile device, you will be re-directed to the new mobile version of the site.

Click Below for description and Nav Tips!

As most of you who use cell phones for more than just the phone, you know that most mobile sites use scrolling of expanded media pages to share more information, with fewer screen clicks.  Our new mobile site is no different.

The “Home Page” has a linked rotator graphic, mirroring our primary site, with the same welcome information about the club.  However, when you scroll down, you will find quick link navigation for the most-used aspects of our primary site.

Basic Nav/Content for:

  • Contact
  • About SHCC
  • Membership Information (Including the current limited time new member offer)
  • A Direct Link to the site (Weddings)
  • A link to our SHCC Invitationals
  • A link to ForeTees MOBILE version
  • A Link to the Member Log In on the old site (for statements and member directories)
  • Links to our Facebook and Instagram Pages

Go to your phone, and give it a try! Let us know what you think- and if there are any other options you would like to see on the mobile version.

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