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SHCC News You Need and August Newsletter Link

This Week’s News You Need To Know – 08-01-19
~ Link To August Newsletter

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August Newsletter Available Online

The August Newsletter and 2 Month Calendar is available to Download.
Remember, it’s password protected-  the password is the same as our locker-room code (8441)

CLOSE TO FULL- Help Us Hit the Top!
For the first time, since the recession of 2008, we are almost full according to our By-Laws(475 Golfing Memberships). In fact, if we hadn’t changed how we count legacy memberships (as 1/2 members) back in 2015, we’d already be full!

But, we aren’t…so we NEED YOUR HELP!  And as a bonus, we are going to “double down” on the dues credit you earn as a referring member.  A referring member earns the equivalent dues credit of  the membership they bring in.  All you need to do, is bring a member in to Dave for a tour, and if they join, you get TWO MONTHS  of DUES CREDIT for the equivalent dues of the new member.

Watch This Space As We Reach the Top! Read More…