SHCC News You Need to Know 06-04-2020

This Week’s News You Need to Know for 06-04-2020
Week 11 of Covid-19 Q/A

~ Reservations Required for ALL Dining
~ Pool Set to Re-Open – with Restrictions
~ Sports Theme Crazy 8 Sign Up Underway
~ Dress Code Reminder
~ Link to June Newsletter
~ Breakfast Returns on the Weekends

Reservations Required for ALL Dining
While we are happy to have dining back (with some restrictions) it is important to remember that as part of the State’s Covid-19 Policies, we need to track all dining activities. This applies to the lounge as well as the patio! You must call ahead for reservations, so we can maintain limitations on occupancy, as well as meet the tracking requirements set by the state.
PLEASE CALL AHEAD to- 541-234-2446

Pool Set to Re-Open – with Restrictions
The Pool: Our current plan is to open the pool on TOMMORROW, June 5th . This will be for Members and Immediate Family Only. At this time non-family guests are not allowed. Hours will be 11 to 7 open 7 days a week. We feel that the pool provides social spacing and according to the CDC there is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools. Proper operation, maintenance, and disinfection (e.g., with chlorine) of pools should remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19.
Your full cooperation will be appreciated!

More Dates, Events, and Reminders Below!

Sports Theme Crazy 8 Sign Up Underway
There is little doubt that our Crazy 8  scramble events are the most popular golf/social events of the year. We are starting off with a “Sports Theme” where you can wear clothes representing your favorite sports teams.  Crazy 8s are teams of four couples (hence the 8) playing a scramble event, rotating between shots from the men and women.  This will be followed by a modified buffet meal, with social distancing and health regulations being followed.   SIGN UP YOUR TEAM TODAY at the Pro Shop…or SIGN UP and We Will Assign You A Team!

Dress Code Reminder
New members and old members alike, need to be reminded about our club’s dress code.  It has changed slightly over the past year.  Please follow the dress code as part of your membership commitment. The Dress Code is as Follows:
Golf Course and Practice Facility

  • Shirts are to have collars and sleeves, unless contemporary mock turtle neck. (*slightly outdated…but still in force)
  • Sleeveless shirts may be worn by women provided they have full back panels and broad shoulder panels.
  • Shirts are encouraged to be tucked in, unless tailored for outside wear (example: Hawaiian or have even sewn hemline at hips that leaves pockets exposed).
  • Caps and visors will have bills forward.
  • Shorts/Skorts/Skirts and similar attire must be approved golf attire as sold in golf shops and must be in good taste.
  • Clean and neat denim may be worn only between November 1 and March 31

Club House Lounge, Dining Room and Patio

  • Golf course attire is acceptable anytime.
  • Clean and neat denim is allowed anytime.

The staff of Shadow Hills reserves the right to deny members or guests access to the course, lounge or dining room, if they are dressed inappropriately or disrespectfully. It is incumbent upon the members to inform their guests of these guidelines.
Thanks for your cooperation! 


Click the link below to download or view this month’s newsletter.

Remember…the newsletter are password protected- same code as the Locker Rooms – 8441

Weekend Breakfast Returns to the Lounge
We will be serving breakfast now on weekends, 8a-11a on Saturdays, 8a-1p on Sundays.  PLEASE CALL AHEAD FOR A RESERVATION – space is limited.


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