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Re-Release of Hawk an extension of Audubon Commitment

photo credits – S J HUNNICUTT
Here is a picture of the Rough-legged hawk that was released Oct 18.  The bird had been in the care of the Raptor Center since last December with a broken leg.  These hawks summer in Alaska and winter here in the valley.  The timing of the release was both upon a fully-healed bird, as well as the fact that these birds are now appearing in the valley.While the bird was not a “native to Shadow Hills,” she is a welcome addition to birds and wildlife found here, and a testament to the trust the local Raptor Center has in our commitment.

For a video of the release, and another “in flight picture,” click below

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Raptor Center Visitation Awes and Educates

Audience Rapt with the Raptors
by Betsy Ovitt 
More than 60 members and staff with their kids and grandkids enjoyed an hour show with the Cascades Raptor Center on July 26.  The stars of the show were Tino, a Great Hormed Owl and Taka, a Swainson’s Hawk.  The  birds brought along Zach and Laura, their human coaches, who entertained and educated us about raptors in Oregon and specifically about them.
We learned that if we had eyes comparable to an owl’s they would be the size of our fists.  Since owls can’t move their eyes, they can turn their heads 270 degrees!  The reason they are raptors is that they grab their prey with their talons and that talent distinguishes them from other birds.
We got to see artifacts like owl and hawk wings and Osprey talons.   All in all, it was a good time.
Thanks goes to the Audubon Club for making this happen.

New Bird Houses add to our Audubon Options for Nesting Friends with New Owl Family

Shadow Hills CC added to the list of “affordable housing for our feathered friends” this past month, by adding a couple of new bird houses on the perimeter of the course. Some stalwart, hearty members and staff braved the cold to get the job done.

The new structures are found adjacent to holes # 1,3,4,5,9 tee,13, & 14.  We wish the new tenants “happy nesting” and offer special thanks to those who were involved! In the pictures below, you will find Jake Witherspoon. Deb and Wayne Elliott. Pat Williams. Susie Leo. Carolyn Townsend, and Betsy Ovitt.

Birds expected any day…
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Audubon Bird Walks Scheduled for 2017 Season


There are more bird walks scheduled over the next few weeks. These are a wonderful way to enjoy the birds around our club, which make Shadow Hills a special place.

With more than 60 identified species, there are more than enough opportunities to make almost every Bird Walk unique!

Here is the list of upcoming events:
All on Saturdays
March 11 @ 7:00 AM
March 18 @ 6:00 PM
April 8 @ 8:00 AM
April 29 @ 6:00 PM

The Birds of Shadow Hills – An Audubon Presentation


Kathy Lamberg gave a wonderful presentation on the “Birds of Shadow Hills Country Club” in late January.  What became clear, is that Shadow Hills is teaming with a huge range of birds and wildlife!

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