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SHCC “Monday Food and Beverage Closure”


Effective Monday June 28th, the club is temporarily closing for food and beverage service on Mondays . 

Please Note- This does not affect Women’s league Monday nights.

As we attempt to ramp up after the extended Covid shutdown, we continue to have a shortage of trained staff in both the kitchen and front-of-house positions. By eliminating one day of service, we are able to provide the best service possible on days we are open, while balancing the number of hours our existing staff must work.

All other food and beverage services will remain in place, the other six days of the week.   We appreciate your understanding, and the club will open up again on Mondays as soon as staffing is back up to the levels needed to provide this service.

SHCC News You Need SPECIAL EDITION – Closures and a Chance to WIN!

On Thursday, July 8th, Shadow Hills is very proud to welcome the Justin Herbert Invitational Tournament.  However, because of the size and scope of this event, the entire SHCC facility will be closed, and the tournament does not allow spectators. But, there is an opportunity for you to have the chance to buy a ticket to the “After Event Gala,” following the tournament at 5:30.

IF YOU WANT A CHANCE TO BUY UP TO TWO TICKETS for $125 Each,  (which benefits Kids Sports), Send a response by email to Dave Shelton by Wed. June 23rd at 5PM. 

This is a great chance to have fun with our favorite “local athlete” and support Eugene Kid’s Sports! 




TONIGHT- 06-17 Pool Closes Early at 6PM
Also June 19th and June 26th.

SHCC Pool Policy Defined

With a full membership, and a growing number of Social Memberships, it is imperative that we institute a strict Pool Policy to insure a reasonable number of pool participants.

Until Further Notice- The Pool Is Restricted to Members, and their Immediate Family. 
The Definition of “Immediate Family” means, children, parents and grandchildren of the actual Membership Holder.

To further define; “guests” do not include siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles or friends.

Additionally, any immediate family guest (not part of the actual listed Membership) will be charged a “Guest Fee,” of $6 for adults, and $3 for each child.   You are asked to register at the “Snack Shack” when you arrive.

FOOD &  BEVERAGES MUST BE PURCHASED THROUGH THE POOL SNACK SHACK.  Pool participants are not allowed to order from the lounge or restaurant, and then have the meal delivered to the pool area.  Please respect this policy, as we need to reserve the pool for actual members at this time.

Member Online Payment Tutorial

As of June 3rd, Members will be able to pay their SHCC accounts online.
To do this, YOU MUST HAVE A REGISTERED ACCOUNT.  If you need to register first,
please follow this link-

If You Are Registered
Click Below for a Tutorial about the Online Payment System with Your Member Account


If needed, there are also two videos to walk you through the process.

o    Online Credit Card Payment – Member Perspective

o    Online Bank Account Payment – Member Perspective

Registering Your Member Account

Upcoming changes and improvements to online bill paying, restaurant reservations, and club messaging REQUIRES YOU TO REGISTER YOUR ACCOUNT.

It’s easy, but unless you do this, you will be missing out on a great number of member benefits, including

  • Restaurant Reservations
  • Online Bill Paying
  • In-App Notifications and More!


Click the link below to find instructions on Registering and Modifying Your Account Info.
Start by opening up our Main Web Site-

Once you have the main website open, CLICK THE LINK BELOW FOR A .PDF On “How To Register Your Account.”


Once you have registered, you can change your profile information, including uploading a picture, changing or updating phone/address, and more!


NEW Mask Policy At Shadow- PLEASE READ

The SHCC Board has agreed to follow the recent OSHA mask requirements placed on businesses.

  • The club is requiring members that want to enter the clubhouse without a mask to provide proof of vaccination.
  • Members must bring in their vaccination card (or photo proof on their phones) to the administrative office if they want to enter the building without a mask.
  • All guests must provide proof of vaccination to enter the building without a mask.
  • Members can also email a photo of their card to Caitie at
  • All registered members will have a pop-up on their Jonus account info, so they only need to register once.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but have no other options, but to follow the guidelines and regulations given to the club by OSHA.

The dinner options after the crazy 8 are as listed below.  We are not providing any other dinner options.

 With lingering concerns on Covid 19 restrictions regarding food service for large groups (mainly Buffett’s) today’s Crazy 8 will not have the usual buffet dinner following play. Future Crazy 8’s will get back to normal starting in June. There will be a two choice menu option after play which will consist of Beef Stroganoff over Penne Pasta served with veggies or Cranberry Brie Stuffed Chicken, Twice Baked Potato & veggies. We are also offering a vegetarian option.
*****If you are planning on eating at the club after the Crazy 8 please make reservations as there is only room for 130 people. See you at the club!*****

New Mask Policy for SHCC

As per the latest directive from the State of Oregon, SHCC is making the following changes to our current mask policies. 

  • Members and Employees who are FULLY VACCINATED, are no longer required to wear masks indoors or outdoors.
  • The club will not be in the business of verifying whether members have been vaccinated and meet the mandated requirements.  The club, staff and our board of directors trust that our members will comply and will self-monitor.
  • All employees that have been fully vaccinated and meet the governor’s requirements are free to not wear a mask, but those who have not will continue to wear a mask.
  • The club will verify and have on file proof of vaccination for the employees.

We ask that all members adhere to these guidelines, as “cheating the system” only puts others in danger.  

To see more information on the latest recommendations from the governor and the CDC, click the link below.

New Policy for Extended Food Service Closures and Food Related Dues and Charges


Due to extended limitations for food services, passed down by the State of Oregon, the Staff and Board of Directors have made the following decisions regarding operations for the rest of the year.

  • All regular dining, including the dining room, lounge, and outdoor seating will be closed until sometime after the first of the year.
  • A limited Take-Out Menu (see below) will be offered Tuesday- Sunday, 10a -4p.

Dues and Food Minimum Reductions

Beginning December 1st

  • The Club will not charge dues for Social Memberships
  • The Club will suspend all Food Minimums while restaurant is closed
  • All golf memberships (including Sport Social Memberships) will be charged regular monthly dues

Golf and Practice Facilities will remain open, along with the Pro Shop.  Masks to be worn in the building, and safe social distancing is required.

We appreciate your support and assistance during this time. We wish you and your family a Happy Holiday Season!
Read More…

Shadow Hills CC Information on Covid Reporting and Tracing

In light of increased reports of Covid-19 cases in Lane County, as well as across the state, and the nation, it is important to understand our role in keeping our staff and members safe.  It is also important to understand the role that our County plays in tracing and reporting cases that may be associated with members and staff. The following procedures are to be followed in the event of a reported case at SHCC.

  • Lane County is responsible for all contact tracing for those living within the county. If a case is reported, it may include club members as part of this tracing for someone who tests positive for Covid-19. The club is informed if this happens.
  • Individual members who test positive are automatically reported to Lane County Health, and contact tracing begins, alerting others who may have been exposed.
  • Lane County will call SHCC for recommended actions involving the report, but unless an employee shows symptoms and tests positive, the case remains private between the member and Lane County.
  • All information regarding contact tracing, isolation and recommended procedures between members are private and confidential.
  • If an employee is identified for testing positive, further actions may be taken by the General Manager and Board of Directors, to isolate or shut down aspects of SHCC operations.
  • For more information on Lane County Contact Tracing- CLICK HERE

It is important to note, that the safety of our Members and Staff is paramount. However, all members and staff must do their part to follow the guidelines and restrictions set by Lane County and the State of Oregon, as well as the policies set by SHCC.

  • Masks are to be worn indoors, including locker rooms, club house, Pro Shop, or any other area where social distancing is difficult to manage.
  • Reservations are required for ALL DINING, as an aid in contract tracing. This includes indoor and outdoor dining.
  • Use Common Sense with clusters of people. You are only as safe as the people you trust to be safe around you.

New Mask Requirements Mandated by State for SHCC

Due to the recent rise in new Covid-19 cases in the state, and a significant rise in cases in Lane County, the State has mandated more stringent rules regarding the wearing of masks for the entire State of Oregon.  This necessitates a change to our current mask policy for the club.
The primary changes are a mandate for wearing masks indoors, anywhere in our facility. In a press release it was stated, “The statewide requirements starts on July 1st, and will require residents to don facial protection at locations like grocery stores, shopping centers, and restaurants and bars while not eating or drinking.”
This means that all members will be required to wear a mask in the clubhouse, the pro shop, and in all indoor dining areas. Masks are also suggested for outdoor dining with larger groups, but will not be required.
In a written statement Tuesday, Governor Brown stated, “I do not want to have to close down businesses again like other states are now doing. If you want your local shops and restaurants (and businesses) to stay open, then wear a face covering when out in public.”
While we acknowledge the inconvenience of wearing a mask, due to the influx of members traveling to and from other states and social situations, we also want to err on the side of caution. Please honor this request. We have no choice in the matter, and do not want to ask a member to leave the premises over non-compliance.
Your cooperation for the safety of others, and in protecting our club, is greatly appreciated.