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Handicapping Policy and Procedures

Handicapping Policy and Procedures – Notice to Members (May 1, 2017)

The Handicap Committee, appointed by officers of our golf club, is responsible for all aspects of the USGA Handicap System. Our Committee includes a Handicap Chair who has been certified by the Oregon Golf Association. We are obligated and committed to ensure the integrity of each Handicap Index we issue. In the interest of fairness, and because we are compelled by our license with the OGA / USGA, we will provide education as well as uphold the rules of the Handicap System. While this sounds very serious, these regulations are required so our club can assure equity in our games. More equity = more fun!

The purpose of the USGA Handicap System is to make the game more enjoyable by enabling players of differing abilities to compete on an equitable basis.

Our Committee is: Marilyn France – Women’s Chair, Carol O’Keefe – Women’s co-Chair, Ron Willis – Men’s Chair, Steve Mason – Men’s co-Chair, Ron Crasilneck.

The Handicap Committee has set forth the following policies and procedures for all members carrying USGA Handicap Indexes:

  • Each player will try to make the best score at every hole in every round, regardless of where the round is played.
  • All acceptable rounds must be posted for peer review, including 9-hole scores.
  • Scores must be posted within 72 hours of the round being played.
  • Scores must be adjusted properly for handicap purposes – for ESC (Equitable Stroke Control), for holes not played, and for holes that are started but not finished.
  • The principles of the Rules of Golf must be followed.

Scores in both match play and stroke play, as well as under ‘Preferred Lies / Winter Rules’ must be posted for handicap purposes. This includes scores made in match play, in multi-ball, or in team competitions in which players have not completed one or more holes or in which players are requested to pick up when out of contention on a hole.

Disciplinary Actions for failure to post or player manipulating their Handicap Index:

  1. First failure to post or manipulation of your score will result in a verbal warning.
  2. Second failure will result in a written warning
  3. Third failure will result in the appropriate penalty round issued for scores not posted
  4. After your fourth failure to post your score or continued manipulation of your scores, further disciplinary action will be taken as the Handicap Chair / Committee deems fair and equitable.

A player must earn a Handicap Index. No player has an inherent right to a Handicap Index without providing full evidence of ability to our club’s Handicap Committee. The Committee has the ultimate authority and obligation to adjust or withdraw a Handicap Index if it deems it necessary to do so.

OGA Season Dates, Handicap Revisions, Active / Inactive Season:

  • Handicap Indexes will be updated on the 1st and 15th of each month, as per the USGA National Revision Schedule.
  • OGA active handicapping season begins March 1st. Last day to post a score is November 30th. Last official Handicap Index update of the season is December 1st.
  • No local scores can be posted during the off-season, which is December 1st through the last day of February. Rounds played in sun-belt states must be posted in a timely fashion.

Please do not hesitate to direct any questions or concerns to the Handicap Committee.  We encourage any and all member feedback.

Mobile Version of SHCC Web Site is Live

With more than 75% of all adults users accessing information about our club through their “padular devices” and cell phones, it was time to create and launch a “Mobile Version” of our basic web site information.  The goal was to create a site that gave an annotated version of the massive amount of information on our full site (which has more than 90 pages of content), to help those interested in finding out more about Shadow Hills, as well as members looking for a quick link to ForeTees, ShadowHillsExtra, Member Content, or our social media, with just a “screen tap away.”

Now, when you go to on your mobile device, you will be re-directed to the new mobile version of the site.

Click Below for description and Nav Tips!
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Shadow Hills Country Club Membership Drive Special Offers


With an amazing golf season coming up, Shadow Hills Country Club is kicking off it’s 2017 Membership Drive with a handful of special offers that can save a prospective member as much as $2,000 or more in initiation and first month’s dues.

As a reminder to all Shadow Hills CC members, the prices for “Legacy Memberships” (children or grandchildren of current members, are HALF of the special offer rates, so there has never been a better time to bring your family into the Shadow Hills Community.

Click below for pricing details:
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Holiday Bonus Program


Once again it is time to request your support for our employee Holiday Bonus program. These bonuses are shared by all employees, greens, kitchen, pro shop, service and office. The Head Golf Professional, Greens Superintendent and General Manager do not receive a portion of this bonus. This is to show your appreciation of the many services rendered by all our employees during the past year. We hope you will participate in this voluntary contribution.


2015 SHCC Board of Directors Nominees


The nominating committee has selected six members to fill three spots on the Shadow Hills Country Club Board of Directors.

You should have received your ballots in the mail. Vote for three and return your ballots by October 14th or bring them to the Annual Meeting at 7:30PM, October 14th.

Click the Link Below to See The Board Nominee Profiles
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Early Spring Roundup – Fashion, Posting and Course Etiquette


As we move through what can only be described as “an Early Spring,” we see all sorts of signs of color and growth. We begin preparation for another great golf season with some date reminders, and a request for course stewardship.

As of March 1st, we are posting scores again for those keeping a handicap.  A handicap is required for almost all leagues and tournaments, and posting every round, nine or eighteen holes is the best way to keep competitions fair and competitive. Post your scores on the computer by the locker rooms, as you finish your round.

April 1st brings the official switch in our dress code, which allows “clean and neat denim” on the course from November 1st through April 1st.  The weather has been unseasonably warm, and we have already seen members in shorts, skirts, and layered tops, braving the chilly morning air.

Two of our members stood out in the fashion world this past month…click “read more” to see them.

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2015 Membership Drive Under Way- Here are the details!

Starting March 1st, The 2015 Membership Drive kicked off with a number of changes from previous years.  In the past, we have offered multi-year credits to both the new member as well as the referring Shadow Hills Member. We saw a significant drop-off in the effectiveness of this program over the past couple of years. The program relied almost solely upon member referrals with no outside advertising, and it only makes sense that there are limited numbers within each member’s “sphere of influence,” (family, friends, business associates).  We ran our first newspaper advertisements in years, at the tail end of the season, creating a burst of new member activity.

In addition, the cost of the ongoing discounts had a huge impact on operating cash flow, the elimination of which resulted in tens of thousands of dollars per year saved.  For these reasons, we are modifying the Membership Drive offers this year to include more mixed media advertising, eliminating the monthly discounts, while maintaining a limited time initiation discount, as well as a “referral bonus” to the referring member.

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