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SHCC Member’s Final Performance Covered By Local Press


Anyone who has played golf with Jim Steinberger and his wife Joyce, is instantly struck by his clear, pure basso/baritone voice (and incredible shock of white hair). Having had the pleasure to work with Jim in both his professional career (he sang one of the Three Kings parts in the Emmy Award winning Claymation Christmas Celebration in 1987), as well as serving with him on the Membership Committee, I am always struck by his gentle, polite, and professional manner.

A long and storied career is coming to an end Friday May 29th, and the Register Guard did a wonderful and fitting tribute.

Those who are RG subscribers can find the entire piece (published May 28th) online…HERE.

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The View from 2:22…The Best Round of My Life

I have been a member at Shadow Hills since 2009. I am not retired, but being self-employed, and having clients hailing primarily from the East Coast and Mid-West- I am often free to golf in the early afternoon. In fact, so frequent were my regular rounds at 2:22 (the soonest I could break free each day) that the pro shop started calling 2:22 “Miller time.”

I often play alone…but also leave the tee sheet open, in case anyone wanted to join me. And many people do. Also, as a single, I often end up running into the group before, or being forced to join a group who catches me from behind, if the group in front is lagging (rare at SHCC). But the result is that I get to play with a large variety of members, and enjoy hearing about their lives, their interests, and their experience as members at Shadow Hills.

I love the purview from my slot at 2:22. There are days when I can blast through 18 in just over 3 hours (my record is 2:45). And there are days when the pace of play allows me to use the time to take in the surroundings, enjoy the animals and natural beauty that share the course with us, and ponder life.  These things will be the topic of future “View from 2:22″ offerings.

So…now…on to “The Best Round of My Life
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