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Your Input Is Needed About the Future of Shadow Hills Country Club

The Long-Term Planning Committee and the Membership Committee are seeking your input. The Membership Committee is tasked with acquiring and keeping members for the club, as well as determining member satisfaction.  The Long-Term Planning Committee is tasked with making recommendations to the Board of Directors for capital improvements and projects that benefit the club and its members. These responsibilities require both committees to have one foot in the present by, maintaining the programs and facilities that meet our current member’s needs, and one foot in the future by planning for programs and facilities that will appeal to the next generation of members, keeping Shadow Hills a successful and viable operation well into the future.

The projects listed below illustrate our commitment to both the present and future. Some of these projects enhanced existing facilities to provide more efficient operation, while other projects provided amenities that will improve the long term operation of the facility.

An example of recent projects that have been completed include:

  • Filbert Orchard (which will provide long term annual revenue)
  • New cooler and storage facility to enhance banquet services
  • Greenside bunker replacement and improvements
  • On-going fairway bunker replacement project
  • Lighting the trees along the Sovern entrance
  • Security cameras for the facility
  • Paving access roads and improvements to the cart barn
  • Grounds maintenance equipment purchases

In the upcoming budget, we will be building a new bathroom on the back nine, as well as purchasing new mowers and other grounds maintenance equipment. In addition, there are countless smaller projects that are part of the maintenance of our facility, but do not fall under the purview of either committee.

However, larger projects often exceed available funding sources and require a longer-term plan to successfully design, develop and fund the project. The largest of these projects was the construction of the current clubhouse, completed in 2012. Planning for this project began in 2008-2009 after Membership Committee data indicated that the old clubhouse was a detriment in gaining new members and a continued decline in annual membership was likely to lead to a membership level that would not be capable of financial support of SHCC. The new facility is unquestionably the major component in the ongoing success of Shadow Hills.

At the present time, The Long-Range Planning Committee and the Finance Committee are looking at the prospect of replacing our existing golf course irrigation system. There is no indication of an eminent failure of the existing system, but the complexity and high cost of this project requires a multi-year plan to identify scope, costs and develop ways to pay for the project.

Before any planning is done, any budgets discussed, or any further discussion takes place, both committees are seeking the input of the membership regarding what is most important to the future of the club.

PLEASE NOTE. The following survey is NOT A VOTE on any item, but is merely a way to gauge the interest of our membership on possible directions for our future.

PLEASE RESPOND BY JANUARY 10th 2023. Print Copies are available in the office.


YOU COULD WIN a $200 Golf Shop Gift Certificate for your participation (random drawing to be held)