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An Interview with New Course Superintendent, Ryan Wyckoff

Meet Our New Superintendent
A Conversation with Ryan Wyckoff
by Patric Miller- ShadowHillsExtra editor

RyanWhen you first meet Ryan Wyckoff, you are immediately struck by his youth, his intensity, his smile, and his height.  Of course “youth” is gauged by those doing the observing, and with most of those in the cluster of members shaking hands of introduction in the lobby, all being “well past middle age,” everyone younger than 45 seems youthful.

But, when you take a look at Ryan’s resume, it’s clear that he has packed a lot of impressive experience into a career that began in 1997, with a Bachelor of Science in Turf Management from Oregon State, and has taken him through some of the best-known courses and tournaments in golf.

Starting as an Assistant Superintendent at the Links at Spanish Bay, Pebble Beach, then on to Pebble Beach Links, Loomis Trail Golf Club in Blaine, WA, and then to a long stay as Superintendent, and then Senior Director of Golf Operations at the OGA Course in Woodburn, Ryan has been involved with a wide range of weather and course conditions.

Add to that, tournament experience with a long list of events, including three U.S. Opens, several state and regional invitational, and U.S. and amateur tournaments, and you begin to understand why bringing him here to Shadow Hills introduces a level of excitement and hope for “next level” quality.

I had the chance to chat briefly with Ryan after he had a chance to do a basic assessment of our course, and to get his impressions of what he was seeing.

NOTE: A “Meet and Greet” event for Ryan, has been scheduled for Saturday, March 12th at 2PM in the dining room. You are all welcome to attend.

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SHCC Member’s Final Performance Covered By Local Press


Anyone who has played golf with Jim Steinberger and his wife Joyce, is instantly struck by his clear, pure basso/baritone voice (and incredible shock of white hair). Having had the pleasure to work with Jim in both his professional career (he sang one of the Three Kings parts in the Emmy Award winning Claymation Christmas Celebration in 1987), as well as serving with him on the Membership Committee, I am always struck by his gentle, polite, and professional manner.

A long and storied career is coming to an end Friday May 29th, and the Register Guard did a wonderful and fitting tribute.

Those who are RG subscribers can find the entire piece (published May 28th) online…HERE.

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