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SHCC June Newsletter Ready to Read, Download or Print!

The JUNE 2023 edition of the SHCC Newsletter is ready to view or download!

In This Issue:

  • A Look Inside Our Newest Facility Additions!
  • Message from the General Manager
  • Father’s Day, Sand and Seed, and More!
  • Shadow Hills Invitational Season is Here!
  • Calendar of Events for the Month! 

As always, printed copies will be available in the office or lobby.  You can also find Archived Previous Issues when clicking the link below.

CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO VIEW/DOWNLOAD this month’s issue of the newsletter.
Remember, it is password protected (same password/code as the  locker rooms).



Memorial Day Golf Results

Memorial Day Best Ball Tournament
1. Lance Jester & Todd Newton 68 $100/Team

T2. Bob Holloway & Randy Hill 72 $70/Team

T2. Bill Danielson & Ben Janes 72 $70/Team

T2. Jeff Malpass & Robert Johnson 72 $70/Team


1.  Terry Green & Connie Green 62 $100/Team

T2. Austin Hughes & Trent Davis 63 $70/Team

T2. Gary Obermire & Robb Larsen 63 $70/Team

T2. Ellie Tami & Brad Rondeau 63 $70/Team

T5. Randy Hill & Evelyn Hill 64 $45/Team

T5. James Wiley & Suzi Wiley 64 $45/Team

T7. Betsy Ovitt & Carolyn Townsend 65 $25/Team

T7. Mike Fox & Linda Fox 65 $25/Team

Protected: SHCC Board Meeting Minutes- April 2023

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Protected: SHCC Newsletters Archived

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SHCC Women’s Club Board and Committee Chairs

Shadow Hills Women – Board and Committee Chairs

Past President Barb Blackmore
President Shawn Bokn
President-elect Tricia Johnson
Secretary Valerie Vernon
Treasurer Debbie Darst
Twilight Amy Newport
9 Hole Joanie Croteau
9 Hole Co-Chair Julie Collins
18 Hole Penny Sykes
18 Hole Co-Chair Linda Robertson
By-Laws Evelyn Hill
OWGA-Senior Rep Mary Sullivan
OWGA-Junior Rep Lois Kingsford
Valley League Leilani Norman
Social Michelle Kottas
Social Co-Chair Wendy Jensen
Invitational Shawn Bokn
Invitational Co-Chair Nancy Pollard

Protected: Shadow Hills Women’s Club Board Meeting – March, 2023

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Protected: Minutes of the SHCC Board of Directors Meeting – February 2023

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Shadow Hills Senior Men’s Member-Guest Tournament Sign Up Info

The Shadow Hills CC Invitational season begins with the Senior Men’s Member-Guest Tournament May 17th-19th. 
This is a two-man-team event, with 36 holes played over 2 days, with a “Horse Race” played the evening of the 17th.
It is open to all men, 50 and older ( Must be born Before May 18, 1973 ). 
The tournament includes meals and beverages, prize money, and loads of fun!

Gross & Net Stableford Scoring
Wednesday— Practice Round + Horse Race
Thursday—2-Man Scramble, P.M. Shotgun
Friday — 2-Man Best Ball, A.M. Shotgun
Daily payouts, Tournament Payouts, KPs and other awards Net awards and KP’s from White or White/Red Tees. Gross awards from White tees only.

$500 per team



Shadow Hills Women’s Club Board Meeting – March 2023

Shadow Hills Women’s Club Board Meeting

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Call to Order – by President Shawn Bokn at 2 pm.  Present: Shawn Bokn, Tricia Johnson, Valerie Vernon, Debbie Darst, Julie Collins, Penny Sykes, Evelyn Hill, Mary Sullivan, Leilani Norman, Michelle Kottas, Wendy Jensen, Nancy Pollard, Linda Robertson (Quorum present).  Absent: Joanie Croteau, Barb Blackmore, Amy Newport, Lois Kingsford

A Motion was made to accept the January 11 board meeting minutes, motion approved.

The meeting minutes from Sept. 22 did not state that the purpose of raising the dues for the 9-hole and 18-hole leagues was to generate money for the women’s club.  Board members at that meeting confirmed that was the intention.   A motion was made to allocate $5 from the 9-hole and 18-hole leagues member registration dues to put towards the women’s club budget.  Motion was approved.

General Manager’s Report – Ryan Wykoff 

  • Continuing the planning for making improvements to the members experience at Shadow Hills.
  • The rebuilding of the bathroom on 12th hole will start soon.
  • Bunkers project is on-going, following a plan put in place a few years ago.  

Head Golf Professional’s Report – Gary Davis 

  • Play with staff day will stay at 9 holes.  
  • Ground Hogs Day Scramble coming up on Feb 15th.
  • Women’s Club Spring Kick-Off is April 12th.  The pro-shop will do a clinic, hoping for good weather.
  • Working on contracts for outside tournaments.
  • Club Championship – date is August 12 and 13th, will be same weekend every year.  Plan on making it a bigger event than in the past, maybe have a BBQ, have the Junior Championship same weekend.
  • Women’s clothing coming in, don’t have advantage of close-outs, those seem to be going to the larger vendors.
  • Hoping to have enough inventory for the Invitation so that the tee prize could be a gift card to the pro-shop.  Working on alternative ideas.
  • Women’s 18-Hole league visitation day with Eugene CC and Pine Ridge GC is Wednesday May 31st, shotgun event.

Special Guests:  

Stacy Sullivan, SHCC Dining Room Manager:  Stacy passed out the Shadow Hills Social Calendar that covers February thru June 2023.  Calendar is subject to change, changes will be posted in the newsletter or around the club.

Amy Hill, SHCC Events Coordinator for Weddings/Corporate Events: Amy has updated the banquet menu, which is a guideline and starting point for banquet planning.  She also has a history of the food served at banquets for the club events, these will be useful for the women’s club when planning a banquet. Valley League play at SHCC to be added to the events calendar for July 28th.  The Harriet Smith Kick Cancer to the Mud tournament scheduled for October 7th, the banquet will need to be in the dining room because the banquet room is booked for weddings on Saturdays in October.  The dining room can hold 50 people, may need to the put auction items in the hallway. Kathy Lucier the Kick Cancer to the Mud coordinator will work with Amy and Stacy on the room restrictions.

Vice President Report:   Trish Johnson – Trish has received several compliments on her article in the newsletter, she gave credit to Patric Miller for assisting her.

Secretary’s Report – Valerie Vernon 

  • Kelly Pruitt has been handmaking beautiful cards and providing them to the women’s club.  She has provided about 40 new cards and will provide more when we need them.  Thank you to Kelly Pruitt.
  • Most cards being sent out by the women’s club have been for sympathy or illness.  Would like to send out cards for congratulations too, for events such as tournament wins, hole-in-one, birth of a child, etc.  Anyone knowing of an event please send an email/text to Valerie Vernon.

Treasurer’s Report – Debbie Darst 

Budget review deferred to Old Business discussion later in meeting.

Past President Report – Penny Sykes filling in for Barb Blackmore 

  • Work is underway to repair the sprinkler system, replacing and adjusting sprinkler head, etc.  It is anticipated that the current sprinkler system will need replacing in the next few years.
  • The current Clicgear pull carts are not holding up very well, they will be replaced later this summer.  The pro shop has one to show folks.
  • The bathroom on hole 12 will be demolished soon, a porta potty will be available during the construction.
  • Super Bowl scramble is this weekend. 
  • The SHCC improvement survey results have been posted on SHCC website.  The most important item to all age groups was a golf simulator.
  • The filbert orchard is providing revenue this year, even with filbert prices low, our type of filberts are in demand.

Committee Reports

Twilight – Amy Newportabsent, no report

9 Hole – Co-Chair Julie Collins – Julie passed out the 9-hole calendar and a draft budget.

18 Hole – Penny Sykes 

  • Ground Hog scramble, no money payouts, but a different kind of prize.   It’s open to players from all the leagues.
  • Linda Robertson is the new Co- Chair for the 18-hole league will become Chair next year.
  • Betsy Ovitz will be responsible for the 18-hole league eclectic.

By Laws – Evelyn Hill – Email Evelyn any changes to information for the 2023 Women’s Club book. 

OWGA Senior – Mary Sullivan

  • OWGA play dates have been sent out via email.
  • Registration email will be arriving this week. 
  • Two new clubs this year are Brasada Ranch and Broken Top.  Brasada Ranch play date is August 7, Broken Top play date has not been published yet, but most likely will be the next day August 8 after Brasada Ranch play.  
  • There are 20 plays this year. 
  • Currently 15 people have signed up from SHCC, would like to have 20.
  • Maximum handicap index has changed to 28. 

Valley League – Leilani Norman  

  • The schedule has been finalized.
  • First play is June 6 at Corvallis CC.
  • Shadow Hills play will be on July 28.

Social – Michelle Kottas and Wendy Jensen:  Spring opener email will go out soon, and sign-up sheets put in locker room.

Women’s Invitational – Shawn Bokn and Nancy Pollard

    • There are no conflicts with OGA events this year.
    • The tournament committee has decided, as possible, to allow a person to play with a guest, but only one guest, if their handicaps are in the same handicap group. This information will be included on the flyer.
  • Still in discussion is the possibility of raising the handicap minimum to 40.  


9-Hole and 18- Hole Schedule Review – Penny Sykes and Julie Collins have reviewed their league schedules and have determined that the 9-hole and 18-hole leagues have no scheduling conflicts with their guest days and visitation days.  The guest days are spread out by a month. 

Budget Review:

  • At the end of each tournament, the tournament chair should receive a printout from the Pro Shop that details what they are charging for the tournament, who the winners are and the payout.  Tournament chair should put this in treasurer’s folder in the office. 
  • Expenditures need detail and receipts need to be attached to the    expenditure reimbursement form.
  • Budget review shows a good reserve this year.
  • It was decided that the 18-hole league visitation cost will stay in the 18-hole league budget.  If the 18-hole league has a shortage, the women’s club will cover the cost.
  • Debbie Darst and Penny Sykes to work out the discrepancies in the 18-hole league budget.  
  • Julie Collins/Joanie Croteau to adjust the 9-hole budget to reflect the dues of $40 per player.
  • The Annika day on May 24th, needs no budget, players will pay a small fee to play for prizes.
  • Evelyn Hill stated that fewer copies of the women’s club book will be printer this year and will be reflected in the budget.
  • A motion was made and approved for the women’s club to provide the Ground Hog Scramble with $50 to cover prizes.
  • Harriet Smith Kick Cancer to the Mud tournament is not included in budget because it’s a separate account.  Kathy Lucier is the tournament coordinator and has the details.
  • Budgets will be finalized at the next board meeting.


Update from Michelle Kottas on sending out new membership information/welcoming new women members.

  • The Membership Committee is responsible to send out information to new members, Michelle Kottas and Penny Sykes are on that committee.
  • Next meeting Michelle Kottas to confirm information included in new member packet and further discussion to be held on what and if the Secretary should send out to new members.

Pictures of league representatives are to be posted in locker room and Newsletter.  

Reminder to send information about what is going on in your league/event to Trish Johnson by the 15th of the month so she can get in the Newsletter.


  • Reminder that when posting costs of events include gratuity, keeps from having calls to accounting.
  • When posting flyers in the locker room, please don’t put on mirrors, hard to clean the adhesive off the mirrors.
  • When posting events on Foretees, include details about the event such as type of play, number of holes, if lunch is included etc. 
  • Valerie Vernon to send board meeting minutes to Patric to post on Extra.
  • A proposal was made to put a member number hidden in the newsletter, if the member finds their number, they win a free drink.  Further discussion needed. 
  • Gary to send out Golf Calendar soon.
  • A motion was made and approved to push next board meeting to March 15 instead of March 8 due to Shawn Bokn absence.
  • Shawn Bokn to work with accounting to determine the maximum amount that can be held in the women’s club account at end of year. 

Next Meeting – March 15,2023 at 2 pm

Meeting adjourned at 3:15 pm.

Respectfully Submitted, 


Valerie Vernon, Secretary

Spring Season Breaks with Irish Open – See Results!

With a number of familiar names on the leader board, one would have to ask how many are actually of Irish descent? Carmen, Johnson, Jensen, Abrahamson, Hill, and Bokn all collected money from the tournament “Pot of Gold,” and represent the melting pot of cultures that meld when the drinks are green, the golf is fun, and the weather is spectacular! Congrats to all of the winners, and everyone who came out on this beautiful Spring day!

This is the perfect way to kick off the Spring Golf season, and the scores were reflected in the great course conditions!