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Spring Season Breaks with Irish Open – See Results!

With a number of familiar names on the leader board, one would have to ask how many are actually of Irish descent? Carmen, Johnson, Jensen, Abrahamson, Hill, and Bokn all collected money from the tournament “Pot of Gold,” and represent the melting pot of cultures that meld when the drinks are green, the golf is fun, and the weather is spectacular! Congrats to all of the winners, and everyone who came out on this beautiful Spring day!

This is the perfect way to kick off the Spring Golf season, and the scores were reflected in the great course conditions!



Couple’s Classic Final Results

The annual Couple’s Classic was played on September 11th, 2022, under smoky skies that could have been brought about by hot scoring! Gross winners, Matt and Crissy Carman led the field with a 69, while perennial Senior Champs, Robb and Trish Johnson hit the top of the Senior Division with a 74.  Net Champions for Regular and Seniors were Vinny and Ellie Tami, and Terry and Connie Green, respectively.

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Shadow Hills Senior Men “Thank You” Staff Event

The Senior Men’s Group of Shadow Hills CC held an “Employee Appreciation” golf event, with SHSM members playing a scramble event with several of our Golf Shop and Outside Employee Staff members. It is a small token of appreciation for the great job they do all year to support the club, as well as the Senior Men’s group.  We are blessed by the talented group of staff who make Shadow Hills an important part of our daily lives.  This letter was posted by our “Commissioner” Steve Mason.

Hello Shadow Hills Senior Men and Staff,

We had an outstanding day to show our appreciation to the world class staff at Shadow Hills today.  A full field of 40 golfers/10 teams (29 Seniors and 11 staff) enjoyed the friendly but competitive 9-hole scramble competition after a wonderful lunch outside.   14 Senior Men won golf shop credit from a prize pool of $335.  The Seniors paid for the staff lunches plus the staff will split well over $1,300 in prize money generously donated by the Shadow Hills Senior Men.

Jeff Smith’s team had the best score of 29 (7 under par) and Jeff had both long drives.  He will be well rewarded with a $250 check for his success and each Senior on his team will get $30 in golf shop credit.  But I think what might be more important to Jeff is the bragging rights he will have for the next 12 months with the staff until we do this again.  Everyone who participated today were the real winners with a great day of golf and fellowship!

Speaking on behalf of us seniors, we sincerely appreciate the wonderful work of our world class staff and greens crew.  We are looking forward to 2023 for our 15th year of Senior Men’s golf at Shadow Hills!

Commish Steve Mason
Shadow Hills Senior Men’s Golf Commissioner

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SHCC Men’s League- Final Standings!

Another great year of Men’s League play has concluded, with two championship teams being crowned. The A League was hotly contested, with a mere half point separating first and second. The B League winners didn’t lose all year, and only posted one tie, giving them a substantial lead over the next two runners up.

The A League winners were- Onstad, Bokn, Malpass, Torkornoo, Fisher, Anderson, Thurn

The B League Winners were – Ingersoll, Hanley, Jensen, Crasilneck, Mitchell, Sullivan

Special thanks to all of the staff who work hard to make these competitive, full, leagues happen every week! From the pro shop, to the lounge staff that work late, long into the night, your efforts are much appreciated! 



Shadow Hills Club Championships – Results

The Shadow Hills CC Club Championships were decided over a 2-day tournament on August 27th-28th, under perfect weather conditions and some hot, low scoring.

Here are your 2022 Club Champions
from the Tournament Held August 27th – 28th
Men’s Club Champion – John Hardy
Men’s Senior Club Champion – Rob Johnson
Men’s Super Senior Club Champion – Jerry Johnston
Men’s Flighted Net Club Champion – Dan Pacetti
Women’s Club Champion – Krissy Carmen
Women’s Senior Club Champion – Leilani Norman
Women’s Senior Net Club Champion – Wendy Jensen
Women’s Super Senior Club Champion – Valerie Vernon
Women’s Super Senior Net Club Champion – Betsy Ovitt

Congratulations to All of the Winners!



Crazy 8 Luau Golf Results

Another great year of Shadow Hills Crazy 8 events came to a conclusion with the annual Luau Event. As always, there were some great scores posted. However, it is the fun, camaraderie, and great food that makes these events “must do” slots on the event calendars!

Here are the results from this year’s event.
August 26th, 2022
1st – Bokn, Bennett, Jensen, Johnson                      31                $200/team
2nd – Hardy, Kaiser, Stern, Burke                            34                $160/team
3rd – Johnston, Reisbeck, Hill, Green, Kelty            34                $100/team

1st – Clay, Morris, Morris, Hebard                            21.4                $200/team
2nd – Bloom, DeWalt, Stallings, Sorby                     24                   $160/team
3rd – Price, Kottass, Pruitt, Grover                          26.1                 $100/team

1st – Straube, Banks, Smith, Ohman                       32                    $200/team
2nd – VanVoorhiS, Bernhardt, Winder, Morgan      32                    $160/team
3rd – Johnson, Stanridge, Haldeman, Lacey           33                    $100/team

1st – Hayward, Larsen, Owen, Aldrich                     25.8                  $200/team
2nd – Pacetti, Hayes, Larsen, Tami                          26.1                 $160/team
3rd – Eaker, Larson, Finley, Sprage                          27                    $100/team

KP’s          $20ea
#4- Tricia Johnson                        #12- Jeff Sprage
#8- Barry Bokn                            #16- Pam VanVoorhis


Shadow Hills Men’s Invitational Results

Another amazing tournament, this year held in almost record heat (again??), with some great golf being played!

There were a number of new names at the top of the leaderboards, both gross and net!

Click the link below for full results!


Couples String Tournament Results

Couples String Tourney – July 24, 2022

Final Results

All Divisions

1st– John & Laura Hardy                            58                               $110.00 per couple

t2nd– Barry & Shawn Bokn                        59                               $95.00

Randy Miles & Tamra Johns              59                               $95.00

4th– Rob & Tricia Johnson                          60                               $80.00

5th– Indar & Heidi Bhan                            61                               $70.00

6th– Mark & Kara Holmes                          62                               $60.00

t7th– Matt & Hollan McLaughlin                  63                               $30.00

Jim & Sandy Abrahamson                  63                               $30.00

Randy & Evelyn Hill                           63                               $30.00


Kp’s $20.00ea

#4 – Shawn Bokn

#8 – Krissy Carman

#12 – Tracy Holland

#16 – Mark Holmes

Crazy 8 Western Days Full Results

Western Days CRAZY “8″ RESULTS – July 22nd, 2022


1st  Gross: Johnson, Raffin, Owen, Abrahamson, Hoover   32                 $160/team

2nd Gross: Johnston, Martin, Reisbeck, Hill, Green            33                  $140

3rd Gross: Souza, Whalen, Bokn, Upward, Souza               34                $100

1st Net: Straube, Banks, Straube, Smith                                24.8            $160/team

2ndNet: Walworth, Albin, Looney, Jennings, Tronrud                26               $140

3rd Net: Pacetti, Hayes, Larsen                                             26.5             $100


1st Gross: Holmes, Hall, Read, Kraus, Haratyk                      32              $160/tea

2ndGross: Dellinger, Bernhardt, Rauch, VanVoorhis               34               $140

3rd Gross: Johnson, Haldeman, Ferry, Hooten                      35               $100

1st Net: Holland, Fox, Kessler, Fox, Paulson                         24.8            $160/team

2ndNet: Looney, Prehm, Alcorn                                           25               $140

3rd Net: Brown, Long, Flesururas, Christensen                     25.4            $100

KP’s $20/each

#4 – Tricia Johnson                                  #8 – Rob Johnson

#12 – Mike Fox                                       #16 – Brittany Kaiser

Closest to the Cow-  

#1- Bill Kottas

#11- Connie Haratyk

SHCC Senior Member Guest Results

Congratulations to all who played in the Senior Member Guest tournament! It was a success for all who participated (even more so for those at the top of the leaderboard!)

Randy Fisher and Ron Crasilneck, and their guests took home First Gross and Net Overall winner prize money.  But the two-day tournament produced a number of prize winners, in a variety of categories.