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New Shadow Hills Web Site Going Live

More Mobile Friendly with Updated Info

A newly revamped and updated web site has gone live as of January 1st, with a great number of changes, updates and improvements. With more and more of our members and prospective members switching to mobile devices (cell phones and pads) for their information, it was imperative that we made changes to the responsive nature of how our information is displayed. “Responsive programming” means that the site code recognizes the device you are using to view the site, and serves up a version that is best suited for that device.

The Desktop version has a similar look and feel to the old site, but utilizes more video, and organizes with drop-down menus that offer wider information than the core information pages.

The Mobile Version of the site offers a reduced navigation, with the same information as the desktop site, but with smaller sizes and a scroll-able layout.

Key “Quick Function” buttons are included on both front pages to allow members and potential members a “one click access” to the most frequently visited pages.

On both the Desktop and Mobile Versions you will find “Quick Links” to “Members Log In (member statements and info),” ForeTees, Contact Info, and Shadow Hills Extra for other member/event content.

The site will continue to evolve over the next month to include a video fly-over tour of the course and facility, as well as header graphics that change with the seasons.

The Site Address Remains the Same-  
However, you may need to refresh your browser to see the new content (and kill the cached version on your device).

New Web Site Goes Live – Navigation Tips

Our new web site is live to the servers. There will be lots of “tweaks” done over the next couple of weeks, and with the new format, it will become more of a living document that adapts in some ways to the seasons.

There are several new features, and a new way of navigating that should make finding the information you want easier, while helping to be appealing and informational to those who are seeking membership and tournament information.

Click the READ MORE link below to get a look at features, and navigation tips.

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What Shadow Hills Means to You- A Contest for Guest Passes


The membership committee is beginning a new contest that could turn into a reward for you, as well as help us tell our story to potential members. We want you to tell us why membership at Shadow Hills Country Club is something they should consider!

We are far more than just a golf club. We are a community of friends and family who see Shadow Hills as a second home, as well as our “In-Town Resort” for relaxation, fun, and social entertainment.

Is it the year-round course playability? Is it the welcoming atmosphere for all skill levels of golfers? Is Shadow Hills now one of your “go-to” selections to celebrate a family event? Do your Sunday mornings start with a breakfast at Shadow Hills? Let us know!

Tell us in a few words, what makes Shadow Hills Country Club important to you! We will be using selected comments on the Membership Section of our web site, and perhaps in newspaper ads for the upcoming season. We will be rewarding the “winning” entries with Guest Passes!

SEND YOUR entries to

We want the whole region to know what makes us special. Help us tell that story. This is a great way to remind others, as well as yourself, why membership at Shadow Hills Country Club has value in your life!

The contest is open to all members, Social or Golf.

Shadow Hills Idol Karaoke Sing-Off…Let Your Talent Shine!


If you haven’t been to any of the Karaoke Nights at Shadow Hills in the past, you have missed some amazing surprises from our even more amazing SHCC Community.  We’ve heard and seen it all…crooners, rockers, duets, groups, and more, all turning out renditions of their favorite tunes.  Hosted by our own “Grandmaster Matt” (Hogan), these nights are fun, entertaining, and always surprising.


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New Pool Changing Rooms are Coming!


The traffic jams and tangle of wet swimsuits in the Swimming Pool bathrooms is about to come to an end! Work should be completed soon on the new changing rooms for the pool area!
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Family Tees are Installed- Making Golf More Fun for All Levels!


If you have played recently (and your drives are in the middle of the fairway), you may have noticed a couple of sets of permanent markers for each hole, designating an area for “Family Tees.”  Each marker designates an alternative teeing area for members of the family (young and old) who are just learning the game, and don’t drive long enough to play regular tees.

Kids, and beginning adults alike will benefit from the opportunity to shorten the holes a bit, and enjoy scores that aren’t always in the triple digits.  These alternative tees help build confidence in new golfers, and add to the fun for multi-generational/multi-skill level players who are playing together.

Gary reports that we are working on getting the tees certified by OGA, to be able to actually handicap rounds from these new tees. It’s a great way to bring all members of our friends and family into a competitive, level playing field!