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Communication is Key in a Community… How Do You Like Yours?

At the Annual Meeting this past month, a dialogue was opened regarding communications with our club members. In a further effort to not only identify the various forms, but to help us improve, we offer the following outline, as well as a brief survey, to help us better understand your top choice of communication.

  1. Monthly Newsletter (Printed and Emailed with Member Statements). This is the longest-running form of getting basic information out to our club, but is limited both in space as well as the ability to update if there are changes to schedules. It is the “go to” for basic information and monthly columns from our management team.
  2. com was created to help us expand the limitations of space in the regular newsletter, as well as showcasing pictures, results, and event information. It has been very successful in regards to readership, with more hits per month than the web site.
  3. Weekly News You Need to Know Mass Email to members is a weekly email update with events, club news, and weekly featured dining room specials.
  4. Fore Tees Online and Mobile – is primarily used for golf event info, weather cancellations/delays and emergency updates on event cancellations or changes.

We are interested in how YOU get your information?  What is the format that is your “Go To” source for SHCC news and information?


(Please note* We are asking for your TOP choice…not all of your choices…thanks!)


Shadow Hills Suggestion Box

One of the reasons for the creation of Shadow Hills Extra is to increase and improve communication between staff, the board, and our members.

We are pleased to offer this Suggestion Box to all members who have ideas, input, or suggestions about any club event, club functions, or general operations.

These suggestions will then be sent to the appropriate staff member or board chair person, as well as a copy being sent to the Membership Committee for review.

We appreciate the time and effort taken for thoughtful and helpful suggestions.