Employee Appreciation Party Recap and Pics

It is with a great sense of gratitude that the SHCC Women’s Club stages an annual “Employee Appreciation” party at the end of the season. This year’s party was held on Monday, Sept 20th, and the weather cooperated to make it a fun and rewarding event for all all who attended.

There were games of skill, games for fun, prize drawings and loads of food and beverages, with two lucky employees winning the “grand prizes” of $100 cash each!

The Women’s Club would like to thank all who donated to the prizes, as well as those who volunteered to help stage the event.  Our employees work hard to keep the members happy, and the course and facility looking great all year. This is a small token of our gratitude for their efforts!

Click More to see the Winners- and Pictures from the Event!

Every employee who attended won at least one great prize from our sponsors, from golf shop items, gift certificates, cash, to a variety of gift cards to local vendors. Even those who were not able to make it will receive something from the event, due to the efforts of those businesses and individuals who donated!

Winners for the games and Grand Prize Drawings Were…

Kiva Pitt – Food Service
Sterling Smith – Golf
Department Champions Trophy
Prize:  Name on the perpetual department team trophy and Childer’s Meat gift card
Winner:  Office with a 28.5 golf score average
Family Team – tie score of 27 each team
Prize:  Each person won a $10 Regal Movie Theater Gift Card
Amanda McMichael and Brian – Pool
Lila Reid and Brandon Hepner – Banquets
Steven Green with a score of 25 – Kitchen
Here are a variety of pics from the event, along with employees holding their prize winnings!
Click on the pics to enlarge…
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dsc05238 dsc05239 dsc05240 dsc05241 dsc05243
Gary in a clear “Foot Fault” violation in a competitive round of “Bag Toss”
dsc05244 dsc05246
dsc05249 dsc05252
The Volunteer staff with the photographer photoshopped into the picture…

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