Shadow Hills Senior Men’s Tour 2018

One of the most active, fun, and diverse offerings at Shadow Hills, continues to be the Shadow Hills Senior Men’s Tour, created and run by “the Commish,” Steve Mason.

Each year, a large group of Shadow Hills Senior (50+ or those who will turn 50 this year) Men, participate in a “Fed-Ex Tour” style of events, with accumulated points being awarded to a leaderboard, which ultimately results in the awarding of the “Mason Cup” for the overall winner.

The 10th season starts on April 6th, and includes a 15-event SHSM “tour” exclusively for Shadow Hills Senior Men, consisting of nine events at Shadow Hills and six away events. There are also bonus events at Sunriver and Willamette Valley Country Club. A multi-day trip to Portland is also in the planning stages.  It’s not a league, but a “tour” so players and can join in for events that work for their schedule, just like the pros on the PGA tour.  Last year, the league had a record number of 59 players competing for the coveted “Mason Cup”. The low $100 fee covers all events plus food after five of the rounds including a steak dinner after the finals for the finals on September 7.  Away events at Emerald Valley, Tokatee and Sunriver have an added fee.

For each “tour” event, the top 25 players earn SHSM points and the top 25% of field earn golf shop credit. Last year the “tour” paid out $4,690 worth of golf shop credit to the guys! Players also have the option of entering the $5 cash “honey pot” to win, along with bragging rights! Simply put, the group is a lot of fun, with the added bonus of potential rewards!

The SHSM points are like the FedEx points on the PGA tour. As Steve explains, “that way, many of us can think like we are like the “pros” on the PGA tour. But for us, we don’t need the money and simply enjoy competitive golf and making new friends!  Since friends are more important than money it adds a lot of value to our Shadow Hills membership.”

Contact Steve at or contact the golf shop for more details or to sign up. Endorsed and supported by the golf shop, this group is thankful for all that they do for us!


4/6 Shadow Hills (5,000 Points)  10:30 tee times

4/13 Shadow Hills (5,000 Points) 10:30 tee times

4/20 Shadow Hills (5,000 Points) 10:30 tee times

5/7 at Emerald Valley (5,000) 9:14 tee times – *sign ups start 4/7 (36 player limit) *Shadow Hills is closed this day

5/11 Shadow Hills (5,000 Points) 10:30 tee times

6/1 at Illahe (5,000) 10:00 AM – 32 players – signups start 5/1

6/10 to 6/12 SUNRIVER BONUS TRIP: (NO POINTS) : SIGN UP NOW!  Limited to 24 players

6/15 Shadow Hills MAJOR (9,000) 10:30 tee times *FREE Hors d’oeuvres after golf

6/20 at Roseburg (5,000) 11:00 tee times – *signups start 5/20

7/10 at Willamette Valley – BONUS – (NO POINTS)  Home and Home with WV.  12:30 shotgun start – $25 includes lunch at 11 –12.

7/13 Shadow Hills MAJOR (9,000) 10:30 tee times *FREE Hors d’oeuvres after golf

7/23 at Tokatee (5,000) 9:30 tee times – *Sign ups start 6/23 –  $47 to walk – $62 to ride

8/10 Shadow Hills MAJOR (9,000) 10:30 tee times *FREE Hors d’oeuvres after golf

8/21 at Tualatin  (5,000)

9/6 and 9/7 : Shadow Hills – 2 DAY CHAMPIONSHIPS (18,000 Points)  10:00 tee times *FREE Hors d’oeuvres after golf (9/6) and FREE dinner (9/7)

** Additional events will be added!


FACEBOOK: We have about 20 members signed up in our new Facebook group.  It is a great way to post photos, videos and keep up to date with events!  Political discussions have been banned but it’s OK to brag about your favorite sporting team, brag about your lucky golf shots or add a little humor to the world we live in!  It’s a private group so please let me know if you want an invite to join the group or need help setting up a free Facebook account!

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