Steve Mason Wins the OGA “Member of the Year” Award

It is a rare thing when someone quietly, though persistently works in their own way to create change in their world. So often “those who serve,” are motivated by personal gain, or to fulfill some personal agenda. So it is very rare indeed, that a person who has worked tirelessly and selflessly for decades, should be singled out as “The Best” at something, for the simple reason that they work so hard not to call attention to their actions, or brush praise away with a “Happy to do it!” smile.

However, on October 22nd at the OGA annual meeting, recognition was due and given to our own Steve Mason, with his receipt of the “Member of the Year” award. How special is this award? The numbers speak for themselves, as the The OGA represents 170 clubs and 41,000 members.

I wrote about Steve in an article on more than three years ago. And since then, Steve has continued to be “the hub” for an amazing list of club-enhancing actions that have become part of the fabric of Shadow Hills.

He has served on the Membership Committee, is currently co-chair of the Handicap Committee, and is notoriously the “Ticket Guy” for almost any Pac-12 event, providing great deals on all sorts of sports and concert events “in his spare time.”

But, most of us know Steve as “The Commish” of the ever-popular and amazingly fun, Shadow Hills Senior Men’s group. This “Fed-Ex Tour” style of events, with accumulated points being awarded to a leaderboard, ultimately results in the awarding of the “Mason Cup” for the overall winner. However, adding to this, is a huge array of social events, golf weekends, annual trips, and a wide range of community-building fun, that are all made possible by Steve’s generosity of time, and creative spirit.
Steve’s form of involvement is both hands-on (working to arrange car pools, reporting scores, and working with the SHCC staff to make each event happen…his newsletters are legend!), but also in his ability to imbue happiness and connectedness to every event he creates.

Steve’s membership began as part of a family membership with his father, more than 44 years ago. He converted to full membership in his late 20s in 1974-80, and after a brief absence, rejoined in 1988. The Senior Men’s League was born In 2008, and just celebrated the 10th anniversary of fun and camaraderie.

Those who know Steve, know him to be an ever-smiling, encouraging, and ardent promoter of community and friendship at Shadow Hills Country Club. The Senior Men’s group is based on a foundation of “meeting and golfing with other members here and at other clubs,” in the Northwest. From all reports, Steve’s objectives have been met and greatly surpassed.

There is simply no greater “Commissioner of Fun” than Steve Mason. When people ask what makes Shadow Hills CC such a wonderful, welcoming community, one need look no further than the amazing example of our membership, than Steve Mason.

Congrats & Thanks Steve!

See more about Steve’s History and the Senior League with this article from 2015

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