SHCC News You Need to Know – 02-28-19

This Week’s News You Need To Know – 02-28-19
~ Spaghetti Feed Is ON FOR TONIGHT!
~ Unique Email Address Needed for GHIN

~ News and Dates from the Clubhouse

~ This Week’s Dining Room Specials

Spaghetti Feed Is Still On for Tonight!

As we are thawing out, it’s a great time to break out of the house, for an All You Can Eat meal at the Clubhouse!  The parking lots and roads have been cleared, so all we are missing is you!
Spaghetti Dinner is still on for this Evening, starting at 5PM. Make sure to come down and enjoy some amazing food, while staying nice and warm in the clubhouse!

Unique Email Addresses Needed for New GHIN Handicap System

The current Handicap System is transitioning to a worldwide system in 2020. With that, a higher level of privacy is being added. Once the new GHIN platform is up and running (spring), each person will be asked to set up a profile. Each individual will need their own email address. If you do not have a unique email address; the ONLY place you will be able to post scores is on the computer at the Club. Please see Christina (Executive Assistant) if you need to update or change your email address.

If your address is unique (meaning it is yours alone and not shared by a spouse or company name), NO ACTION IS REQUIRED .  Example- is fine. is not unique.

Spaghetti Dinner is still on for this Evening, starting at 5PM. Make sure to come down and enjoy some amazing food and stay nice and warm in the clubhouse.



  • Hoedown Dance on March 1st has been rescheduled for October. We aplogies for the those who were planning on attending. The weather predicated the move. Look forward to some foot-stomping in October!
  •  Italian Tavola Dinner is scheduled for March 23rd. This will be a traditional Italina Dinner served in a Tavola Style. Servers will bring platters of food to your table for you to select, then serve you a portion. Each course will be brought to you in that style for you to chooose. No ordering off menu. The staff will be in character as Italian Servers as if you were visiting Italy. It will be a lot of great fun and fun.




Appetizer: Fried oysters with dual sauces $12

Cut of the Week: USDA Choice hand cut New York Strip Steak with Bourbon green peppercorn sauce $30

Seafood: Oregon Ling Cod sautéed and set atop sautéed spinach finished with lemon beurre blanc sauce $25

Pasta: Spaghetti and Meatballs served with garlic toast $15

Comfort Food: BBQ Beef Brisket with Sweet baby ray’s bbq sauce, apple slaw choice of starch and soft roll $18


  • Two for $3: Two house made chocolate chip cookies with Ghirardelli chocolate chips for $3
  • Brownie Sundae: Warm brownie topped with your choice of Lochmead ice cream and hot fudge $4
  • Angel Food cake with berries and whipped cream $4


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