SHCC News You Need to Know – 01-21-21

This Week’s News You Need to Know for 01-21-2021
~ Valentines Dinner Planned- Sign Up Now!
~ GHIN Handicap Requires Your Action
~ Take Out Food Service – Days/Hours Changed

Valentine’s Dinner Planned- Sign Up Now
With some creativity on the behalf of our banquet crew, to produce a beautiful meal, with safe social distancing, a valentine’s dinner has been planned!
Space will be limited, so please call Caitie in the front office, to reserve your spot!

GHIN Handicap Requires Your Action
To improve the data security and privacy of golfers, GHIN has introduced Digital Profiles.
Each golfer will need a unique email address in GHIN to create a profile to access the GHIN Mobile App and

On Monday, Jan 11th, GHIN sent an email to active members to create their profile. All that is required is for the member to click on the ‘create profile’ link and create a password.  If you did not receive this email, it is either because you are not active in the system or you have a shared email address. Both of which can be easily fixed.
Please notify the pro-shop or Ron Willis (Men’s Handicap Chair) if you have any questions.

You can email Ron at:



Take Out Food Service Hours Changed
With inclement weather, as well as ongoing Covid restrictions limiting us to TAKE -OUT Food and Beverage Service, we have decided to reduce our service hours/days to WEDNESDAY- SUNDAY, 10a-4p.  These days/times will remain in effect until we are able to open the dining room/lounge once again. We apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate your understanding. Please see TakeOut Menu Below

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