SHCC News You Need to Know 08-08-19

This Week’s News You Need To Know – 08-08-19
~New Member Social Moved to Sept 22nd
~ Link To August Newsletter

~ News and Dates from the Clubhouse

~ This Week’s Dining Room Specials

New Member Social Moved to September 22nd
Due to too many conflicts with Back to School with our members, we have decided to move the New Member Social from Sept. 8th to Sept. 22nd.

CLOSE TO FULL- Help Us Hit the Top!
For the first time, since the recession of 2008, we are almost full according to our By-Laws(475 Golfing Memberships). In fact, if we hadn’t changed how we count legacy memberships (as 1/2 members) back in 2015, we’d already be full!

But, we aren’t…so we NEED YOUR HELP!  And as a bonus, we are going to “double down” on the dues credit you earn as a referring member.  A referring member earns the equivalent dues credit of  the membership they bring in.  All you need to do, is bring a member in to Dave for a tour, and if they join, you get TWO MONTHS  of DUES CREDIT for the equivalent dues of the new member.

Watch This Space As We Reach the Top! 

Music on the Golf Course
Music on the golf course is a new phenomenon that requires some common courtesy for other players.  Many, if not
most players are coming to our beautiful, rural environment, to escape technology and the grind of everyday life. Intrusive cell phone use, and the advent of personal music systems is counter to a “relaxed rural setting.”

To that end, we ask:

  • That you play your music only loud enough to be heard in a small surrounding,
  • turn your music off when near a teeing area that has another group playing
  • Turned off completely when near the clubhouse.
  • An even better alternative might be ear buds.

Please take this seriously, because just a few can make this an issue that may require a more stringent policy.   


  • The Family Campout is Coming! This is a wonderful way to camp out under the stars (or your RV) for two nights of fun.  It all starts after the Sand and Seed Party on August 9th.
  • Pool Party Dates – The Pool will close early on these dates for Private Pool Parties
    Wednesday August 14th 6 to 9
    Saturday August 17th 6 to 9
    Sunday August 25th 6 to 9
  • BUNCO! Is Thursday Night, August 15th 6-8

This Weeks Features:

Garlic butter sautéed mushroom caps, served with ½ slice garlic toast $8

Cut of the Week: USDA Choice hand cut 6 oz. beef tenderloin filet grilled and finished with sauce béarnaise $34

Fresh from the Coast: BBQ Chinook Salmon with fresh corn salsa, Grilled Salmon rubbed with bbq spice and grilled finished with bbq sauce and fresh corn salsa $30

Pasta of the Week: Pasta New Orleans: Penne pasta tossed with Andouille sausage, shrimp, tomatoes, bell peppers and green onions in a Cajun cream sauce, served with garlic toast $25

Comfort Food: Greek Chicken Soulvaki Platter: Two Chicken breast skewers marinated and grilled served with local tomatoes, onions, Kalamata olives, cucumbers, Tzatziki sauce and pita bread $21


  • Sorbet: Acai  pronounced (AH-SIGH-EE)   Fair-trade Acai sorbet always gluten and fat free
  • Two for $3: Two house made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for $3
  • Espresso Explosion Brownie Sundae: House made brownie topped with Lochmead Espresso Explosion ice cream and hot fudge $4
  • Triple Berry Tart $4.5 Flaky crust surrounds a sweet tart berry filling topped with vanilla ice cream $5




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