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SHCC News You Need to Know 03-19-2020

This Week’s News You Need to Know for 03-19-2020

~ Health Department Inspection Results and Policies
~ Upcoming Event Dates and Cancellations
~ Operations Procedures and Policies for Next 30 Days

Health Department Inspection Results and Policies
On Thursday, March 19th, the Lane County Health Department did their annual inspection, and SHCC passed with flying colors. We were told that we are “way ahead of others” in our practices to remain safe, sane, and open!

Without question, golf and other outdoor forms of recreation are a great way to reduce stress, remain healthy, both mentally and physically! In order to remain open, and providing services for our members,  several items were suggested.

Here are some of the bullet points that were identified:

  • All Food and Beverages must be served by a Staff Member and consumed off premises. This means all food and beverages. No loitering around the bar or pro shop with beverages.
    Takeout Food Service Will be Provided Monday-Wednesday
  • NO GATHERING on couches, tables, lobby or any other areas where separation of six feet can’t be maintained.
  • Water Jugs on the Course have been emptied. Club is furnishing BOTTLED WATER. If you want to fill your PERSONAL WATER BOTTLE- you can do so out of the ice machine near Club Care.
  • All Carts and Push Cart Handles will be sanitized between users. Please be aware that Covid-19 can remain transmittable for up to 24 hours or more after contact.
  • No groups of more than 10 can be in any of our common areas, INCLUDING Workout Room. Any classes must be moved to the ballroom, or outside.

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