Shadow Hills CC Information on Covid Reporting and Tracing

In light of increased reports of Covid-19 cases in Lane County, as well as across the state, and the nation, it is important to understand our role in keeping our staff and members safe.  It is also important to understand the role that our County plays in tracing and reporting cases that may be associated with members and staff. The following procedures are to be followed in the event of a reported case at SHCC.

  • Lane County is responsible for all contact tracing for those living within the county. If a case is reported, it may include club members as part of this tracing for someone who tests positive for Covid-19. The club is informed if this happens.
  • Individual members who test positive are automatically reported to Lane County Health, and contact tracing begins, alerting others who may have been exposed.
  • Lane County will call SHCC for recommended actions involving the report, but unless an employee shows symptoms and tests positive, the case remains private between the member and Lane County.
  • All information regarding contact tracing, isolation and recommended procedures between members are private and confidential.
  • If an employee is identified for testing positive, further actions may be taken by the General Manager and Board of Directors, to isolate or shut down aspects of SHCC operations.
  • For more information on Lane County Contact Tracing- CLICK HERE

It is important to note, that the safety of our Members and Staff is paramount. However, all members and staff must do their part to follow the guidelines and restrictions set by Lane County and the State of Oregon, as well as the policies set by SHCC.

  • Masks are to be worn indoors, including locker rooms, club house, Pro Shop, or any other area where social distancing is difficult to manage.
  • Reservations are required for ALL DINING, as an aid in contract tracing. This includes indoor and outdoor dining.
  • Use Common Sense with clusters of people. You are only as safe as the people you trust to be safe around you.

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